A Week Flies By – Then You Get Four More

Taven, my nephew has been with us for eight days. This means that we have spent the past eight afternoons at the beach! This also means that Monday night when I was laying in bed, all I could think about was how quickly eight days goes by and how much we will miss him when he leaves today. 

Taven took to the ocean like a fish out of water, he and Eben have spent hours this past week face down at reef snorkeling. And when the visibility is low, they have enjoyed paddleboarding, bodyboarding, and building sandcastles. Then, every evening when we get home, they beg me to let them swim in the pool before dinner. When it comes to energy – Eben has meet his match. And he has been in heaven spending time with someone his age who also shares his passion for the ocean.

Yesterday, as we spent our last day at the beach together, Taven told me how much he loved spending time with us in Florida. He also said that he wished he could stay longer and when it was time to leave the ocean, I had a hard time getting him out. He kept saying that he had to soak up as much as possible, because it may be a long time before he saw it again. I sent my sister a quick text telling her how much fun he was having.

Then, I received a text back. “Want me to change his flight?”

My immediate response was “YES!” Lucky us, we were able to make arrangements that will allow him to stay with us until July 13th – 4 more weeks! This means that I will have two children for 5 weeks total. How great is that? Taven will be going on a week long sailing trip to the keys with us for the 4th of July and he will also turn 13 while he is here. Hooray for summer vacation surprises!

Have you had anything unexpected and fun happen to you this summer?


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