Autumn Is Here! Again?

Well, all of the snow that piled up last week is almost gone. Can you believe it? I was completely ready to pull out the holiday music and spend the next 4 months snuggled in my favorite blanket by the fireplace. However, today I woke up to a beautiful ray of sunlight peeking through my curtains, so I will enjoy Autumn again.

Here is what I want to do before the big snowfall happens – you know the one that will leave several feet of snow on the ground for the entire winter.

1. Go on another fall family hike.
2. Completely clean and organize my garage.
3. Finish my holiday eco-friendly stocking stuffer shopping.
4. Make sure the entire house is weatherproofed.
5. Clean and prepare my car for winter.

Where you live, does it snow?
What are you going to do to prepare for winter?
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