About Jennie Lyon Founder of Sweet Greens

Today is my 100th post on Sweet Greens. Woo Hoo! I thought I would take this time to tell you a little more about myself. My name is Jennie Lyon and I am the founder and editor of Sweet Greens. I am a mother to one amazing little boy, two wonderful dogs and wife to a fabulous man. My husband. also known as, the mister and son, Eben are very active in our green lifestyle and contribute their love, support and ideas to Sweet Greens, for this I would like to thank them.

We live in a wonderful community in the foothills of Colorado. We moved to Colorado two years ago, looking for an environmentally friendly community that would be perfect to raise our son in. I am a real life working mom whose main priority is the health and happiness of my family. As a family we have a passion for researching ways that we can help save our planet. We want to live a greener life and share our ideas and experiences with you.

Sweet Greens is a resource where you will find great how to projects, kids projects, green giveaways, green tips for the entire family, vegan and vegetarian recipes, and reviews of Earth friendly products and Etsy shops. Once a week, I love to review fabulous green products or companies that I have discovered. I use all of the products myself (with the help of my boys and dogs) before I share my review you. I do not review every product that I try, only the ones that I love and that meet Sweet Greens high standards. (See my list of Personal Care Ingredients that I Avoid). I want to provide you with the best information that I have found to help you make an informed decision about the products that you buy and use. I will always tell you my true feelings and always welcome your feedback.

There are many companies out there that say their products are “green”, “earth friendly”, “eco-friendly”, “natural” or “organic” when they actually are not. This is called “greenwashing“. Remember that just because I endorse a certain product, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I endorse the brand itself. If I support the entire brand, I will let you know.

I am not paid for my editorial reviews (unless otherwise notes) and am not employed by any of the companies that I write about.  I will only share products that I absolutely love and believe in. I receive samples from companies who want me to try and review their products and I also purchase products on my own. I will only review products on Sweet Greens that I think are fabulous and that I absolutely love. I want Sweet Greens to be a fun, positive and upbeat experience for you.

I love to hear from my readers. Do you have a question? Want to learn more about being green? Have a product you would like me to review? Have a suggestion or compliment? Please email me @ and tell me about it. Do you just want to say “hi” or tell me what you like or dislike about Sweet Greens? Please drop me a note. I will always personally respond to your questions and look forward to hearing from you. Want to become a sponsor? Email me at for my media kit. 

I hope you enjoy reading Sweet Greens as much I enjoy writing it. I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you have a lovely green day and here’s to another 100 posts.

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