Easy Eco-Friendly Spring Basket Full of Creative Fun for Kids

This year I filled Eben’s spring basket with gifts that would get his creative juices flowing. Want to take a peek?

1. The Thousand Villages Basket
I received this basket years ago and decided to use it as Eben’s basket this year. Ten Thousand Villages has tons of baskets to choose from, here is one similar to mine. 

2. Green Shredded Paper
Yesterday, I received a package in the mail and this was the protective packaging that they used inside! Isn’t it perfect – green and all! In the past years, I have shredded those Scholastic book order forms that Eben’s brings home from school – they are bright and colorful!

3. Artterro Art Kits
I will be doing a review of these new Artterro Art Kits. I am excited to see the creations Eben will comes up with when he opens the wire and bead kit. And the bubble wand kit just seems like the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.

4. Stubby Pencil Studio Art Supplies
I am quite smitten with the new Jellyfish sketch book, eco highlighters and colored pencils from Stubby Pencil Studio. Since Eben gets stung by jellyfish ALL OF THE TIME, we sometimes call him Jellybait – he will get a kick out of the sketch book.

5. Assorted Books
I love to pick up gently used books from the thrift store, this years picks include a fun National Geographic joke book, along with a couple of other fun titles. The books are always Eben’s favorite part of the basket.

6. Natural Candy
Eben loves Jelly Belly’s, but I don’t buy them because of the artificial colors. However, yesterday I happened to find these Jelly Belly’s Superfruit Mix with 100% of the colors and flavors coming from the fruit in the jelly beans. Fantastic!

Do you surprise your kiddos with an Easter or spring basket?
What eco-friendly goodies do you put inside? 

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