6 Outside Exercise Routines that are Perfect for Spring

Have you been cooped up in the gym all winter? Springtime is the perfect time to cancel your gym membership and move your exercise routine outside. Not only is exercising in the great outdoors a great way to green your exercise routine, it will boost your moral and you give you a daily dose of nature. Here are my 6 favorite activities that you can easily do outside this spring, no energy or water usage required!

1. Swimming
Instead of swimming laps in the chlorine-laden swimming pool, hit your local body of water and get your swim on! Also, by swimming in a natural body of water you skip the less than eco-friendly amenities of the swimming pool, there is no wasted water, chemicals or energy to heat the pool.

2. Running or Power Walking
Skip the treadmill or elliptical machine and take your running outside. You will get a workout that is just as effective as the treadmill when you take a route full of hills, bridges, or stairs. I will take running outside any day over running inside – the view alone is worth it.

3. Hiking
One of my favorite spring time activities is hiking – think of it as your StairMaster in the great outdoors. Plus, when will you ever encounter a deer, squirrel or other furry friend while “hiking” on the StairMaster? – OK, besides Fido or Fluffy. It would also be fun to incorporate geocaching into your hikes – which are great when you are hiking with the kids.

4. Paddleboarding, Canoeing or Kayaking
Skip the rowing machine and row for reals! Paddleboarding is by far my favorite outdoor exercise that involves rowing (paddling). In fact, I plan to add it to my daily routine in the summer when Eben and I can get up, grab the boards and hit the water first thing in the morning. Paddleboarding is the ultimate core workout, it literally works every musical in your body! However, canoeing and kayaking are excellent rowing exercises.

5. Urban Exercising
If you live in the busy city, don’t worry, you can still get a fantastic urban workout. Hit your local park and use parts of the urban landscape to workout. For example, you could do pull ups on the jungle gym at your local playground. You can ride your bicycle or skateboard to work everyday and even jog laps around the playground while your little one plays within sight. 

6. Biking
A stationary bike is great in the winter, however in the springtime get your bicycle out of the garage and take it for a spin. You can incorporate your bicycle riding into your routine by using it rather than your car for getting to work or running errands. And bicycling is the perfect family activity, since people of all ages can enjoy a good bike ride.

Friends, I am wondering -what is your favorite outside exercise routine?

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