7 Gluten-Free Birthday Desserts That Will Delight Kids

Gone are the days of “gluten-free” meaning sub-par or second-rate. Parents used to be baffled at the notion of finding mouth-watering and enticing birthday cake, cupcakes or special occasion desserts that were made without wheat and other ingredients that gluten intolerant kids can’t safely enjoy. But a lot has changed in recent years, and the once alternative diet now holds its own with options aplenty that will wow and delight children when it comes time to blow out the candles and celebrate another glorious year.

I rounded up 7 of my favorite gluten-free desserts from traditional vanilla and chocolate cakes, and festive cupcakes, to a fruit tart and ice cream sandwich cookies! These recipes are an inspirational guideline. We recommend substituting organic ingredients wherever possible, if not indicated. Jump over to Inhabitots to feast your eyes on these goodies and start planning the next birthday party on your calendar.

photo credit Shutterstock via Inhabitots

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