Have a Lovely Green Weekend + A Few Green Things

Hello, Friends! How was your week? Did you do anything fun during the long weekend? We took our dogs and went on another winter family hike. We was a lovely day and being outdoors together is always one of our favorites pass times.

The mister and I also finally watched Food. Inc,. Have you seen it? I think it is a fantastic documentary with a lot of wonderful information and very well done. We have watched many documentaries on the food industry and the environment, so we were already aware of what the movie had to say. Another great food documentary is ‘The Future of Food’. If you haven’t seen either of these documentaries, I highly recommend them both.
Food, Inc. reminded us that we also have a lot of food products in our home that we don’t necessarily know where it comes from. And that WE do have a say about what we eat and how and where it is produced. Remember, every time you purchase a food item, you are voting with your money, so vote well.

With that in mind, we have decided to start buying as much of our fruits, veggies, eggs, bread and poultry from our local family farm, Grant Family Farm. Grant Family Farm has a wonderful CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) that we are going to look into joining this weekend. We think that knowing exactly where and how our food is grown is super important. We want Eben to see the chickens laying the eggs and roaming around the farm grounds. We want him to understand how and where our food is grown and how important this is to both our health and the health of the environment. We want our family to have a stronger connected with our community, the environment, the animals and our food, so we have decided to go for it.

How about you lovely readers, do you support your local family farm?
Are you a member of a CSA?

Also, here are a few green things from around the interwebz:

– Which pillow.pillow.pillow do you love. love. love?
– Who would you surprise on Valentine’s Day with a lovely little gnome?
– Have you entered to win a set of Little Green Books?
– Plus, there is still time to enter to Win! A SodaStream, SnapWare Collection and Eco friendly Stationary.
Have a lovely green weekend, I will see you back here on Monday.

Sweet Greens

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