Halloween Planning | Eco-Friendly Edition

I still can’t believe that it is October – we are doing most of our Halloween decorating today. In fact, Mr. Sweet Greens told me that he will be getting out his table saw and looking for wood to upcycle into a front yard graveyard. When we moved back to Florida, we gave our graveyard setup [above] to our neighbors. We didn’t think it would be very Earth friendly to lug it clear, across the country. Plus, it is kind of fun to find recycled materials to make a new set-up, we can’t wait to get started.

The conversation at our home has been non-stop Halloween – ideas for decorating, daydreaming about our upcoming trip to North Carolina [I can’t wait to pick large, organic pumpkins from the patch] and planning a party for some close family and friends. Last night, Eben and I spent the better part of an hour glued to Martha Stewart’s Halloween section, pinning every idea that we absolutely loved. We already made our glitter skulls – complete with homemade glue and recycled newspaper skulls that I found at our local craft store.

Have you starting making your Halloween plans? Do you decorate? Are you hosting a Halloween party this year?


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