Have a Weinervention at Your Next Summer Campout!

What summer camp-out would be complete without a weine roast? Since we have been camping in the Florida Keys for the past week, I felt it was the perfect time to have a weinervention! We had toted along our Weinervention kit from Applegate that included everything that we needed for a tasty hot hog cookout including Applegates hotdogs made from simple natural ingredients; beef (that have never been administered antibiotics or hormones), water, salt and spices. It’s time to say goodbye to those dirty dogs filled with sodium phosphate, sodium nitrate, and who knows what else and switch to a cleaner-weiner!

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The Truth About “BPA-free” Plastic

A few months ago, a good friend, fellow mom, and super responsible eco homesteader sent out an email to all the mothers in her community about a new study on BPA-free plastic. Essentially, the study has found that even plastic products claiming to be BPA-free contain traces of BPA high enough to be harmful to test subjects and, more importantly, our babies. BPA, or bisphenol A, is a plastic additive that is an endocrine disrupter mimicking the structure and function of the hormone estradiol, and exposure to it has been linked with serious health issues including cancer, accelerated puberty, inhibited neurological development, and behavioral and prostate gland issues when fetuses, infants, and children are exposed to it.

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Eco Baby 101: 5 Steps for Greener Baby Care

Baby’s first year is the toughest phase of many parents’ lives. With all of the demands and details of new parenthood, it can be tough to make eco-consciousness a priority. The truth is that bringing an entire new person into the world creates a huge impact on the environment—from the thousands (yes, thousands) of diapers he or she will use to the impact your child will later have on the world as an adult who makes daily choices as a consumer and community member. By incorporating environmentally friendly practices now, it will be easier to go green in the future and you’ll be setting a great example for your growing, learning child. Not only are the following steps green, they’re healthy and safe, too! The following are five first steps to take towards greener baby care.

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A Substitute for Clean Water: There Is None

That cool, clean water straight from the tap. I grew up with it. As an inhabitant of the Northeastern Washington to Boston population corridor in the United States, it was a sure bet that drinking whatever came from the tap would be safe, plentiful, clear and delicious.

It was on a trip to Philadelphia in the 1980s that I first saw water for sale in a supermarket. What’s the deal, I asked a friend. “Oh, we never drink the water from the tap,” the friend replied. “Not in this city, we don’t.”

Water reminds me of that very pointed cliche about freedom: You don’t understand what freedom is until you have it taken away from you.

Water falls into that category. You don’t appreciate clear, clean, fresh water until you have that taken away from you. Yes, I knew that states in the West viewed water in an entirely different manner that I was used to. Now, however, with energy companies seeking to using fracking methods to mine natural gas throughout the country — including the Northeast corridor — suddenly clean water is the talk of the town. We’re living now with a clean-water scare that is hard to overestimate. Where it takes us at this point is hard to say.

That said, clean water is tasteless, odorless, colorless. This makes it very hard to describe.

So, let’s describe what clean water is not.

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Winter in May How to Green Your Winter Blues

Winter in May? Going Green to Beat the Winter Blues

I know that a lot of you around the country are still dealing with winter – snow in May, no fun! Even if you don’t officially suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder, dealing with the prolonged winter is difficult for anyone. Sure, you appreciate the break in the heat and the cooler wetter days when it first arrives but as it drags on—especially since snow in May isn’t rare anymore—it’s easy to get gloomy. It is important during the last dregs of winter that you take steps to keep your mood and your home as easy to live with as possible.

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ecocentric mom box, subscription service

The Ecocentric Mom Box is the Perfect Treat for Summer

The spring Ecocentric Mom Box was full of wonderful goodies that are perfect for spring and summer! If you are considering joining a subscription box service full of eco-friendly goodies, Ecocentric Mom is for you! A subscription would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift too.

Here’s a peek inside the March/April Box…

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Do You Use Herbs During Flu Season to Boost Your Immunity Naturally?

October – March is cold season, which means that over 1 billion of us will have a nasty little cold and 10% of us will get the flu. Getting sick can’t always be avoided, it may just be your body’s way of telling you that you need to slow down and take some time out to rest. I think this is what my body is trying to tell me – I have decided to listen.

You can help your body avoid the cold and flu by pumping up your immune system. Your immune system is your body’s natural defense team with the ability to protect you from potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. There are four key steps that I follow to help keep my immunity in check.

You can help your body avoid the cold and flu by pumping up your immune system. Your immune system is your body’s natural defense team with the ability to protect you from potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.

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