HOW TO: Find the Safest, Top Rated Sunscreen

My family spends a ton of time outside in the sun every week. With this said, we are huge fans of hats, sunglasses, shade umbrellas, and swim shirts. However, it is impossible to protect all of your skin, all of the time — this is why sunscreen is so important.

Finding a sunscreen that will protect your body from the sun without hazardous chemicals that penetrates the skin is vital. What good does it do to use a sunscreen to prevent skin cancer only to find out that it causes other cancers and disrupts hormones? Lucky for us, Environmental Working Group has done a great job putting together their 2010 Sunscreen Guide, giving you access to the information that you need to pick the sunscreen that is right for you and your family. You can download a sunscreen guide that will tell you which ingredients and products to avoid here.

If you are still using conventional sunscreen on your family, now is the time to switch. If you are unsure whether or not, your sunscreen is safe, look it up here. Believe me, you will be surprised! And before you buy another sunscreen, find the best of the best here.

What is your favorite sunscreen?


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