How to Make a Star Wars Jedi Light Saber from a Pool Noodle

Have a little Star Wars fan? Me too. I don’t know if it is the battle between good and evil, the fantastic characters or the light saber battles that draws them in. I do know, however, that my son’s favorite part of Star Wars lays in the long duals between the good and bad guys – and any reason to battle with a friend is always at the top of his fun list. However, those plastic Jedi light sabers that you can find at the big box toy store are not eco-friendly and quite honestly it hurts when you are hit with one. So my husband and I designed a fun and safe version of the light saber for our little padawan’s birthday party by repurposing items that we already had in our garage. Jump over to Inhabitots to learn how to make light sabers for your Star Wars loving kids. (PS: Dads like them too!)

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