IKEA Hack: Turn A Loft Bed Into A Regular Bed + Desk

As I was changing the sheets on Eben’s bed this weekend, I realized that I never shared a photo tour of how his bed and desk turned out. If you remember, he had a loft style bed with a desk underneath (above photo) which was great for utilizing the small space in a child’s bedroom. The problem, Eben really wanted to sleep with Noodles, our Pug, and there is no way a Pug can sleep in a loft bed.

When we moved into our new space, I didn’t want to purchase a new bedroom set for Eben – his bed was in great condition and buying something new didn’t seem budget or eco-friendly. Instead, I asked Mr. Sweet Greens if there was anyway that he could cut Eben’s loft bed and desk apart to make a regular bed (that Noodles could get into) and a desk. He looked at me like I was a tad crazy, but said he would give it a try. This is how it turned out.

Basically, he just cut the bed off right above the attached shelving unit and reattached the feet. Easy, peasy. Then, he cut down the desk top to fit into Eben’s new office space. This project was super easy to do, didn’t cost a penny – and the best part – now Eben can sleep with his bestie Pug every night. Win, win.

Have you ever attempted an IKEA hack?
How did it turn out?

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