#shopcartons to Save Trees this Month!

During the month of July, you can help donate a tree just by tweeting! The folks at the blog, Choose Cartons, are partnering with Trees for the Future to donate a tree each time the hashtag #shopcartons is mentioned!

By partnering with Trees for the Future, Choose Cartons, an Evergreen Packaging initiative, aims to help replant as many of the valuable resources they use for their packaging as possible.

In fact, they are donating up to 10,000 trees during the month of July. All you have to do is tweet. Pretty cool, huh?

Learn more about #shopcartons…

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Coffee on the Beach + A Water Tornado

A water tornado, otherwise known as a waterspout is exactly that a tornado that forms over water. I remember the first time that I saw a water tornado (waterspout), the mister and I were on our honeymoon in the Florida Keys and were several miles off the coast, snorkeling at a reef. While they were in the distance, I didn’t find it to be scary and wasn’t really even concerned! Since we are camping on the beach, the mister and I like to spend some of our mornings sitting next to the ocean while we drink our coffee, observe wildlife and chat. Today, we got another show entirely – we sat and watched a large thunderstorm in the distance that was shooting off water tornadoes left and right. Click through for photos of one forming….

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Happy Independence Day!

We are still in the Florida Keys enjoying our family summer vacation. We have been spending our mornings paddleboarding and our afternoons snorkeling and beach-combing. We even spend one entire afternoon relaxing – which means the mister and dogs took a nap, Eben drew and read and I caught up on a little blogging! It was so nice, especially since we spent the entire day before paddleboarding, snorkeling and kayaking (my arms are sore!)

We are still trying to decide how we want to spend our 4th of July evening. Some years while in the Keys, we have visited a nearby town for a 4th of July celebration with fireworks and patriotic music on the beach, other years we have hiked to the top of the old Bahia Honda Rail Bridge and watched a different type of fireworks display, bio-luminescence in the ocean below! To be honest, the latter is my favorite! I have my fingers crossed that is what the boys want to do tonight! And of course, sometime today we have to stop by the marina to pick up an ice-cream cone to cool off!

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Have a Weinervention at Your Next Summer Campout!

What summer camp-out would be complete without a weine roast? Since we have been camping in the Florida Keys for the past week, I felt it was the perfect time to have a weinervention! We had toted along our Weinervention kit from Applegate that included everything that we needed for a tasty hot hog cookout including Applegates hotdogs made from simple natural ingredients; beef (that have never been administered antibiotics or hormones), water, salt and spices. It’s time to say goodbye to those dirty dogs filled with sodium phosphate, sodium nitrate, and who knows what else and switch to a cleaner-weiner!

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4 Green Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July!

4th of JulyHappy Independence Day! The 4th of July is one of my personal favorite holidays, with BBQ’s, family, community, fairs, farmer’s markets, and fireworks to enjoy—not to mention that good old patriotic feeling. There are a lot of great, green ways to celebrate this year, but I’ve chosen four because, well, you know!

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Summer Vacation: Beach Camping at Bahia Honda in the Florida Keys

Hello, Friends! How are you? Are you enjoying the last day of June? We are on our summer vacation right now – at Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys! We have been stand-up paddleboarding and snorkeling every day – on one day along we saw countless fish, a spotted stingray, a bonnet-head shark, 2 nurse shark pups, 2 black-tip sharks and 2 sea turtles. Not bad! The mister has been wearing the GoPro we gave him for Father’s Day, and has taken a lot of amazing footage!

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Have You Seen Solar Roadways? It’s the Next HUGE Thing

I came across this video recently presenting an entirely novel, brilliant idea for solar powered roads that would generate energy, hugely reduce America’s carbon footprint, and make roads safer—just to name a few of the idea’s many benefits. Invented by a husband and wife in Washington, the Brusaws, Solar Roadways consist of hexagonal solar panels are covered with tempered glass and equipped with microprocessors and LED lights. These interlocking panels would replace roads, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways—basically any concrete or asphalt surface you can think of. What’s made the Solar Roadways project the most popular Indiegogo campaign in history is not only the fact that Solar Roadways would produce three times the energy that the United States currently uses while reducing greenhouse gases by 75%, but also that the roads have ingenious safety features that would make driving safer, would lower energy costs, and would boost our economy by creating jobs and literally generating capital.

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