REVIEW: Fire & Flavor Gluten Free, Certified Non-GMO Rubs

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In Florida, it’s always warm enough to grill! We recently received a set of Fire & Flavor’s gluten free, certified Non-GMO rubs and seasonings to review. Fire & Flavor, based in Athens, GA, helped to popularize cedar plank grilling, which as become a favored technique for grilling fish. A WBE certified woman owned business, Fire & Flavor was founded by Gena Knox. Knox’s Southern background and love of family and friends fueled her passion for cooking. Today, the company shares all kinds of ways to make food more delicious, nutritious, and easier to cook.

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Those of you who are experienced grillers know that a good seasoning or rub will compliment the natural flavor of a food without overpowering it—which is exactly what Fire & Flavor’s rubs do! Fire & Flavor uses all natural ingredients to make flavor-filled rubs that make any cook feel like a gourmet chef, including the Classic Rub, Everyday Rub, Turkey Rub, and Coffee Rub—yum! While grillers will embrace the dynamic uses of these seasonings, anyone can use them. Fire & Flavor’s website offers ideas for how to use the rubs and the Everyday Rub, for example, tastes great on seafood, chicken, and even sweet potatoes. As an added eco-bonus, rubs come in a recyclable shaker-top jar and the company uses BPA-free packaging. The company also sells brines, cedar planks, and cookbooks.


We reviewed the seasons & rubs including the coffee, classic, everyday rub, and the turkey rub. The Coffee Rub, which combines fresh-roasted coffee with a hint of ancho chile pepper and brown sugar. We tried it on grass-fed steak. The Classic Rub is great for tenderizing lean pork chops, as well as chicken, without overpowering natural flavors – we used it on organic chicken.  The Everyday Rub is made from a mild blend of assorted chilies, paprika, brown sugar, onion, and garlic. We used this rub on fresh fish!

Whether you’re an avid griller or beginning cook, Fire & Flavor’s rubs add gourmet home-cooking flavor to any meal.


Full Disclosure: I received samples of this product and was compensated for this sponsored post – however, all opinions are my own.

3 Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers from Blue Orange Games


Every year when doing my holiday shopping, board and card games are always at the top of my list. Even as Eben gets older, I have found that playing a round of cards or a quick board game with him after dinner is a great way to bond. This year, I headed straight to my favorite eco-friendly game shop to stock up! Blue Orange is my favorite because all of their games are super well made with heavy-duty pieces that will not fall apart. These are games that you will pass down from generation to generation. They are come packed in fantastic tins which is perfect for keeping all of those pieces together. Blue Orange Games also respects the environment and understands the need to work towards the preservation of our planet. Here is a peak at some of the games that Eben will be receiving this year from Blue Orange Games.

This game has it all! Everyone loves a great game of War – this version included an epic battle between rivaling rat clans. Both players have a hand of eight cards, numbered 0 to 7, with each character on the card possessing a special power. In a calculated duel, both players reveal a card. The victory goes to the higher number, unless the special power overrules. The first player to win four rounds claims the kingdom for their clan. This minimalist wonder plays in just minutes but packs rich game play and plenty of suspense.


Eben is obsessed with everything Japan, so Niya should be right up his alley. On each turn, players replace a garden tile with one of their clan tokens. The next player can only exchange a token for a garden tile that has an element in common with the previously chosen tile. The first to position their clan in a row, square, or blockade will win control of the garden…and power at court! A simple yet sophisticated abstract strategy game, Niya captivates players young and old.


Spot It! Holidays
What stocking would be complete with out a Spot It! game? This year we will be playing Spot It! Holidays while hanging out as a family. This is a quick fun game that you can leave on the dining room table for a fun after dinner duel. It comes packed in a great tin that makes clean up a breeze. I can barely wait!

What is your favorite family game?


Full Disclosure: I partnered with Blue Orange Games to share some of their amazing games. However, we already own a lot of Blue Orange Games and I buy them as gifts, so I would have shared them with you anyway! Thank you for supporting these fantastic eco-friendly companies.

Scotties Trees Rock Video Contest Inspires Green Kids


The 4th annual Scotties TREES ROCK! Video contest is back! Kids in grades 3rd-8th may now create an essay about the importance of trees and win $10,000 for their school! The more creative the essay the better! Think your kids would like to enter? Just have them answer the question “Why do trees rock?” in a written essay. Trees Rock encourages individuals or groups of kids in grades 3-8 to think about the importance of trees. In each group, the grand prize winner (determined by a national vote) will win $10,000 for their school to use towards a sustainable project. So fun!

Full Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by Scotties Trees Rock

Gluten-Free Cookbook Library Giveaway


Today’s giveaway is a great one for gluten-free gift getters on your holiday list! I have gathered a trio of my favorite gluten-free cookbooks for this giveaway.

This giveaway includes:

  1. Gluten Freedom by Susie Flaherty
    Distinguishing scientific fact from myth, Gluten Freedom explains the latest research, diagnostic procedures, and treatment/diet recommendations, helping consumers make the best choices for themselves and their families. Gluten Freedom also discusses gluten and its impact on symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and “foggy mind,” as well as behavioral conditions including Autism Spectrum Disorder and schizophrenia.
  2. The Complete Series: Gluten Free by Lola Workman
    Cooking is not only about presenting great food on the table, but it is also about sharing the occasion with family and friends. With the Complete Series, you ll find simple recipes that taste sensational and are easy to prepare, leaving you with plenty of time for life s little pleasures.
  3. Gluten-Free Family Favorites by Kelli & Peter Bronski
    Cooking and sharing meals is something every family should be able to enjoy together—even if one or more family members eats gluten-free. If your household is avoiding gluten, this book will lead the way to recreating your family’s old favorites, and introduce you to a few new ones, too!

To enter, check out these great gluten-free cookbooks and leave a comment below! The winner will be announced on December 10th. Good luck!

rareEarth Naturals Giveaway



Let’s kick off the holiday season with a fabulous giveaway! I know you’ll love it. The sponser is rareEarth Naturals, and the prize is a generous $75 gift card!


rareEarth is committed to creating 100% all-natural artisan made in the USA products that are safe, synthetic free, responsibly sourced and beautiful. With all the challenges in the world today, it’s important to remember to give to ourselves—to find simple pleasures that nurture the spirit and allow us to breathe deep and be well.


I know many of you are starting your gift lists and holiday shopping this week, and rareEarth is a shop that should definitely be on your radar. Their perfumes, candles, diffusers, room mists, and spa collections would all make beautiful, yummy gifts.

dream diffuser

I had the opportunity to try out the Dream (Lavender, Armoise & Clary Sage) diffuser, the Love (Rose Absolute, Palmarosa  & Ylang Ylang) spa candle and Joie (Estatic-Joyful) perfume and found all 3 items to be out of this world. rareEarth’s use of 100% essential oils makes for products that are pure, sustainable, and luxurious.

Seriously, any gal on your holiday shopping list will fall in love with any item that you surprise her with this holiday season!

Visit rareEarth and leave a comment to enter – I’d love to hear what items you will pick out if you are the winner. You can earn extra entries for follow rareEarth on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest – just leave a separate comment for each. The winner will be announced on December 17th. Good luck!


Full Disclosure: This giveaway is brought to you by a partnership with rareEarth Naturals.

Velvetwire’s Powerslayer USB Charger Set Makes a Great Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift + Coupon Code

Sweet Greens Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is a good one! I think that you will find a dozen people on your holiday gift list who would love to receive it. It’s a super eco-friendly product that has a beautiful design too –  a Velvetwire Powerslayer USB Charger Set!


Technology advancements in the mobile device battery arena have certainly turned from skips into long jumps. Lithium-ion has come to replace the nickel based batteries of yesterday. And while these new lithium-ion batteries are much more efficient and durable, keeping your gadgets and mobile device plugged into a power source for prolonged periods of time can still lead to overheating, which can cause problems that run the gamut from a simple dead battery, to a battery explosion.


Velvetwire has come out with a product that supplies consumers with the solution to this issue. It’s called the Powerslayer USB Charger. It’s a smart charger enhanced with built in software that automatically detects when the battery you are charging is full, and then stops the flow of electricity. No surplus electrical flow means no heat; and no excess heat means that no batteries go kaboom, which means your electronics will last longer. Hooray!


Furthermore, the Powerslayer USB Charger standby mode operates at just one-tenth of the standby power of other chargers, surpassing the bar for Energy Star Level V. And because the Powerslayer is compatible with USB rechargeable devices, it will work with smartphones and tablets across the board. In addition, international compatibility, as well as the foldable plug, make the Powerslayer perfect for travel.


With its aesthetically appealing textured polycarbonate housing and nickel plated brass plug, the Powerslayer is the smart charger that smart design and environmental conscious consumers are looking for. When I received mine, I was immeditely smitten with it’s fantastic looking design complete with my three favorite colors: turquoise, orange and gray! The USB cord which is also turquoise, orange and gray mimicks the bungee cords we use for all of our outdoor activities.

So whether you have a hipster, an adventurer, a design geek, tech junkie, or a modern mom or dad on your holiday gift list – they will all want a Velvetwire Powerslayer Charger Kit! I guarantee it!

Sweet Greens readers can get 20% through Monday, December 1st with the coupon code TURKEY20.

+ Velvetwire Powerslayer Charger Kit
+ $79

Full Disclosure: I received a Velvetwire Powerslayer Charger Kit – however, I am only sharing with you because I love it and think you will too!


Sustainable Holiday Cards from Pear Tree Greetings

Pear Tree Greetings

Have you ordered your holiday cards yet? I plan to take a ton of family photos while we are on our Thanksgiving trip to Sanibel Island this weekend. When I get home, I plan to spend some time getting my cards ordered from Pear Tree Greetings. Pear Tree Greetings is a fabulous, eco-friendly and sustainable source of festive greeting cards, invitations, gift & decor, stationary, and more!

pear tree

Pear Tree Greetings is made up of a small team who brings you exclusive, award-winning designs, premium products all at about 40% less than their competitors!

I am trying to decide if I want to do vintage cards, photo cards or a modern card this year! There are so many beautiful options – how will I choose!


Full Disclosure: I reviewed Pear Tree Greetings holiday cards for this review.