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Happy Earth Day + We Have a New Website!

Happy Earth Day!

Hello, Friends! After a long break due to many changes going on over here, including hiring a team to help keep everything running smoothly and a brand new website, I am ready to jump back into blogging. Thank you for your patience, I really appreciate it – I am very excited for this next chapter at Sweet Greens.

Today is Earth Day! Hooray! We worked feverishly to get the new website up and running in time – and here we are. How are you spending Earth Day? Did you do a special activity over the weekend? Since today is a school day, I have planned a couple of fun laid back projects, so watch for the step-by-step instructions! Also, later today, I will be hosting an Earth Day giveaway with one of our favorite partners, Stubby Pencil Studio – it’s a good one, so check back!

YOUR TURN: What are your Earth Day plans? Please share in the comments section!