Wooden Palette Upcycled Into a Beautiful Planter

Now that we live in a tri-level townhouse, I have been looking for ways to keep a large amount of plants on our three patios. Right now, we have our vegetables and herbs growing in pots in our front yard – which is lovely, just not really convenient, our kitchen is on the second floor. We do, however, have two patios that are on the same level as the kitchen, the only problem is that they are very small – even the large one! Once I put a super-comfy (and small) sofa, small table and the grill on the larger patio, it didn’t leave enough floor space for fruits and vegetables – there isn’t even space to hang plants. Mr. Sweet Greens took the patio on our third level over – it now houses his collection of potted citrus trees. And the third patio has a couple of small chairs and our composter on it – however, I am thinking of removing the chairs and adding plants!

With all of these space constraints in mind, I have been trying to think of alternative ways to get some plants on all of our patios and the front porch too – and I think I found a solution. Wooden palettes. I saw a discarded wooden palette the other day and wondered if there was any way I could repurpose it into a planter. I came home and searched on Pinterest for a little inspiration and found wooden palettes recycled into beautiful planters. I wonder if I could plant vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers in the top section and herbs in the lower sections. The mister doesn’t know it yet – however, this is a project that I have added to his weekend list. Ha!

What do you think – would you use wooden palettes in your home’s design?
Do you think it will work on three small patios and maybe even my front porch?
I would love your thoughts!

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