Grow Your Own Organic Greens This Summer

What could be more eco-friendly than growing your own veggies and herbs? Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s a great way to get back in touch with nature and gain some perspective. Why not plant some greens this summer? You could start a herb garden as well and add a little flair to your cooking. With everybody stuck at home, what better way to unwind than with a healthy new hobby? Here are some examples of perfect greens that you can plant at home. 

Salad Greens

Homegrown organic salad leaves are way better than the ones you buy in the store. Liven up your mealtimes with these easy-to-grow leaves. You can opt for individual varieties, or create a fun mix. Try a combination of lettuce, mustard, kale, and rocket. You can buy all the seeds online.  

  • Lettuce
    Lettuce likes balanced soil, not too soggy or compact. Plant them on the east side of the building so they get a perfect combination of morning sun and afternoon shade. You should be able to harvest them in just 21 days. 
  • Rocket
    For the rocket and smaller leaves sow the rocket seeds very thinly, in shallow holes about 6-10 inches apart. Water and keep the soil moist. Make sure they get some shade during the day, so place the pot in a cooler area of your garden. 

Green Beans

These are a versatile ingredient in curries, salads, and stews. They also work as a great side dish to go with just about anything. Green beans take about 60 days. Keep the seeds 10-16 inches apart and look out for their bushy plants to come into flower. Once pods start appearing it’s a good idea to pick them as this encourages new pods to form. Alternatively, you could also try learning how to grow your own mung beans

Herb Garden

Whereas summer is an ideal time, some herbs are seasonal. There a few important things to remember when growing herbs. You’ll need to be careful with the type of soil you have, and the positioning of the plant relating to sunlight. With a bit of online advice, you’ll be an expert in no time. 

  • Basil
    With a scent that carries you all the way to the Mediterranean, basil is a must this summer. It does best in hotter months but will die out in the winter so get planting now. 
  • Mint
    This one takes care of itself. Mint tends to flourish in any garden and is ideal if you’re looking for low maintenance options.  It’s mostly a culinary herb. It goes great with lamb and adds an aromatic touch to grills, moussaka, and Greek-style stews. 
  • Rosemary
    There are plenty of lovely ways to cook with fresh rosemary. The best part is it’s easy to grow as well. Order one plant online and soon enough you’ll have a robust, gorgeous smelling hedge. 

With all these wonderful additions to your garden this year, you’ll never miss shopping in the supermarket again.

What Should Eco-Conscious Homebuyers Look for in a New House?

Buying a home can be an exciting time in your life. Maybe you’re celebrating financial security or you’re ready to start a family. But for the eco-conscious among us, house hunting can be a little bit more challenging. Fortunately, more homes have green features in them now. But it’s up to you to know what to look for. Here are a few features to keep your eyes peeled for.


When you’re looking at houses, roofing should be one of the first things you check regardless of whether you want a more eco-friendly home or not. The state of a home’s roofing can tell you a lot about what kind of issues you may or may not have to deal with upon moving in. Under normal circumstances, a roof should be inspected once or twice annually. An asphalt shingle roof should be replaced every 10 to 15 years or so, as well. So when you’re looking at a home’s roofing, make sure you ask when it was last replaced. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, look for homes with metal roofing. Metal roofing not only lasts for upwards of 50 years, but it can help lower your overall energy costs because of its ability to reflect sunlight and heat away from a home.

Good Insulation

Insulation might not seem like a great indicator of a home’s eco-friendliness, but the truth is that it makes a world of difference in energy usage. When a house is well-insulated, interior temperatures will remain more consistent with less need to use artificial heating or air conditioning. Having poor insulation means that not only are you using these utilities more often, but also that when you do, that warm or cool air is escaping through your walls, doors, and windows. Essentially, poor insulation means wasting precious energy. When you prioritize good insulation in your search for a home, you’re ensuring that you’ll use and waste less energy.

Water-Efficient Plumbing

Did you know that almost 10% of homes in the U.S. have water leaks that could waste up to 90 gallons of water per day? Whether it’s a dripping faucet or a shower head that isn’t fitted properly, the water efficiency of some homes is less than ideal. If you’re looking at homes as an eco-conscious buyer, make sure you inquire about water-efficient plumbing. For example, ask when the plumbing was last inspected. Any recent leaks or pipe problems could be indicative of underlying plumbing issues. In addition, don’t be afraid to take a look in the bathrooms of the houses you look at and test the plumbing for yourself. Does the faucet drip after being shut off? Is there a low-flush toilet or does the toilet run for a long time after flushing? These are the kinds of inspections you need to make if you’re set on learning whether or not a home is eco-friendly.

Solar Panels

The presence of solar panels on a home should clue you in almost immediately that you’re looking at an eco-friendly property to some extent. In most cases, homes will have solar panels installed on the roof or independently somewhere on the lawn. While they’re a good indicator of eco-friendliness, it’s still important to ask about how often they’re maintained, when they were installed, and how much energy they supply on average. The answers will give you a good idea on what kind of output you can expect and when you may need to consider replacement.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly home, you’re not alone. Most people move almost 12 times in their lives, which means others are likely searching for some of the same things you are. With your eyes peeled for these features, you should be able to find the eco-friendly home of your dreams in no time.

How To Reduce The Threat Of Migraine Pains

Everyone experiences headaches. Maybe you’ve had a stressful day, or perhaps your immunity levels are temporarily down. Either way, minor headaches are usually nothing to worry about. However, there’s a big contrast between headaches and migraines. When you suffer from the latter, finding a way to manage the situation is vital.

No two people are the same, and your migraines could be attributed to any number of issues. Still, some problems are more common than others. Here are some of the simple solutions to frequent migraine sources.

Wear Glasses

If you spend your days straining at screens, books, or people, it will take a toll. Getting your eyes tested and gaining the right prescription could be a great way to reduce the presence of headaches. If you suffer from light sensitivity, bifocals and other products can be used to promote better eye health. Aside from aiding the eyes, it reduces the strain on your brain.

As well as wearing glasses, you should use this as a sign to reduce your screen time. It’s better for your physical health, mental health, and environment. What more incentive could you ever need?

Eat The Right Foods

When you cause unnecessary discomfort to the body, it can lead to migraines. First and foremost, you should focus on hydration. If you’re unsure about the importance of hydration, think about your hangover migraines. Exactly. For this reason, cutting out binge drinking in favor of responsible consumption is usually a smart move.

You can provide further support to your body with anti-inflammatory foods that protect your gut, as well as your brain. Conversely, ignoring food intolerances is like poisoning your body.

Get Hearing Aids 

Hearing loss and tinnitus can also cause severe migraines. The extra strain on your brain as it tries to fill in the blanks of what it can’t hear can be telling. Likewise, internal buzzes and whistles will promote more frequent migraines. When an audiologist or hearing aids specialist helps you gain the support you need, the presence of migraines will fade.

When added to the many other benefits that this brings to your daily life, ignoring it any longer is not an option. For the sake of your ears, brain, and long-term mental health, book an appointment ASAP.

Improve Your Sleep Patterns

Disrupted sleep increases stress levels, dampens the mood, and causes exhaustion. This is a triple threat to your physical and mental health. Migraines are just one of several consequences, but are probably the most likely to surface immediately. So, investing in a better sleep pattern can significantly improve your management over migraines. You’ll have more energy and gain better skin too.

To improve your sleeping habits, you should turn off screens for an hour before bed. Have a bath or a drink that will let you slip into a good night’s rest. Of course, a good mattress pays dividends.

Be More Active

Rigorous exercise can actually cause worse migraines if you’re not used to it. However, spending more time outside and getting fresh air will support your bid to stop migraines. Therefore, simple ideas such as incorporating gardening or taking daily walks are ideal. The latter is a particularly good way to break up long days spent in front of computer screens, which is great news.

Regular exercise, even light exercise, also aids your posture. Given that neck and shoulder problems are often linked to migraines, this is another potential of getting more exercise.

Keep The Home Clean

Migraines can also be triggered by climate changes, such as increased humidity or reduced temperatures. Likewise, a stuffy internal atmosphere may make the migraines more powerful. This is your warning to start keeping the home clean and organized. Use natural cleaners as the chemical fumes from other products can cause further damage. A minimalist floor plan also helps.

As well as a clean home, you need to focus on insulation and efficiency. Drafts, condensation, and other faults don’t only harm the planet, they harm your health. Migraines are just the start.

The Final Word

Migraines affect millions of people, albeit to different degrees. Suffering in silence is the last thing you should do. While regular migraines should be checked out by a doctor, some of the above steps can help alleviate the symptoms. Likewise, when taken responsibly, a number of medicines may be used to restore normality to your daily life.

Once again, though, underlying problems may be the cause. So, if lifestyle changes and management tips aren’t working, you should seek support at the earliest possible stage.

Bolster Your Property Portfolio With These Amazing Hacks

If you are serious about expanding your property portfolio, you will need to plan and prepare to make the right decisions. It is important to have investments in the modern world, and this is something that will help you make a big difference to the ROI you might enjoy in the future. Property investing is one of the best ways of making good money and a sound investment, however, you need to make sure you choose wisely.

Investing in property is expensive, so anything you can do to get the best possible outcome from the process would be welcomed. Make sure you think about what you can and should be doing when you buy a property, and consider what it takes to improve this moving forward. There are a lot of things that play a massive role in helping you get the right process, and here are some amazing hacks to bolster your property investment. 

Work Out Your Budget

Do as much as possible to work out your budget, and try to come up with ideas that are going to allow you to purchase as many properties as possible. Now, you need to know what you can afford so you have an idea of the kinds of homes you will be able to buy. This is really important because you want to be making sure you have a property that you can afford to buy and maintain reasonably comfortably. Budget for this, and look at different areas of the country (and the world) as you would be surprised by how much prices can differ for homes. 

Choose the Right Sort of Property

You also need to make sure you are focused on coming up with the right sort of property and making sure you do your best to make the most of this. There are a lot of different property types to choose from these days, and it is important to consider what is practical for you. Check out options that will give you the best possible ROI and understand that sometimes the decision to buy a condo is better than the decision to buy a house. Look at what is available, and make sure you work on doing your best to secure this sort of property.

Decide Whether to Rent or Sell

Make sure you make a big decision about whether you’re going to be buying a property to sell on, or to rent out. Now, a lot of professional property investors will generally buy a place, spend money improving it and fixing it up, and then sell it on for a profit, an exercise known as ‘flipping.’ However, there are some who prefer to reap long-term ROI, and these people will typically rent their property out to ensure that they can enjoy some passive income for a while. This is something that you need to keep in mind moving forward and try to make a decision about which of these is best for what you’re looking to accomplish.

Embrace Eco Living

Another thing to focus on in order to make your portfolio shine and attract continued interest in your properties is to embrace eco-living. In fact, you could even take steps to try to make sure that all of your investment properties have greener sensibilities, and a focus on being eco-friendly as much as possible. This will also go a long way toward helping save you money as a property owner right now, and that’s important. Lockdown is the perfect time to plan an eco-friendly home, and this will set you in good stead by putting you on the right path to success as a greener investor. 

Look After Your Home

Make sure you do as much as you can to look after the home and keep it in the best possible condition. If you are renting out, you will need to take charge of repairing and maintaining the important parts of the property as much as possible, and this is something you need to make sure you keep in mind right now. Think about how much you can maintain and care for the properties you have, and make sure you do what you can to work on this. 

As you can see, there are a lot of things that people keep in mind when it comes to enhancing and improving your property portfolio, and this is something to keep in mind. You should be looking to grow and expand where possible, and this is something that plays a big role in the process moving forward. Try to use these ideas to help you come up with factors that will improve your investment opportunities right now. 

Lockdown: The Perfect Time To Plan An Eco-Friendly Home

Person's Left Hand Holding Green Leaf Plant

Right now, our planet is in crisis. Country by country, the world is locking down. Jobs are furloughed. Car numbers on the roads are slashed. The aviation industry is almost entirely grounded. We’re all safe inside our homes while we patiently wait for a virus to dissipate – and it’s not easy. It’s not easy to have to stay away from other people, and it’s certainly not easy to only go out of the house for the essentials. 

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and it’s not always rain. Being in the house, you have the chance to get all of the jobs done you’d put off for some time, and you also have the opportunity to plan your home to be more eco-friendly. After all, while you’re inside and doing nothing but waiting, it’s easy to fret over whether you’ll manage to get your job back or will senior citizens get a check once the stimulus kicks in. There is plenty to worry about, but the shining light here is that with all of those grounded planes came cleaner air. With fewer cars on the road, the air pollution rates have dropped. The job you’re waiting for will still wait for you when the world resumes. In the meantime, let’s check out some of the ways that you can enjoy an eco-friendly home.

#1: Start Thinking About Water

Do you really need to have the washer and the dishwasher running so often? Probably not! Take the time to sort your routine so that you are using less water in the house. Wait for your dishes to build up and stop running the sprinkler system so often. If you’re worried about the lawn, replace it with an artificial one: all the green and none of the waste!

#2: Smart Meters, Anyone?

Whether you are old or young, managing the pennies is a good idea. You can start with a smart meter. The heat in the home is the most significant way that people use their energy, but it doesn’t have to be massively expensive for you. If you waste your heat by having it click on and off, you’ll watch your energy go down with your smart meter. So, you need to use the timer on the smart meter to set the right times for the heat. This way, your home stays adequately warm without too much trouble.

#3: LED Bulbs

You bought them ages ago, and they’re living in the kitchen cupboard. You need to install those bulbs and enjoy far less money spent on your energy bills! LED bulbs are better for the environment, and they save you money: what’s not to love!

#4: Learn To Make Your Own

When it comes to being stuck inside during lockdown, you can start embracing your own natural cleaning products. Think about checking out recipes like this one and making your own stuff to clean with. You’ll see the difference right away, and your home will be free of chemicals.

Don’t let lockdown get you down. Keep busy and learn to be sustainable – it’ll make a difference!