Is Giving Up Alcohol The Best Thing You Can Do For The Environment?

Giving up alcohol is a common change people make when they’re trying to be healthier. We all know that alcohol contains a huge amount of calories, so cutting it out is a quick and easy way to drop some excess weight without making too many other changes.

Alcohol also has a big impact on mental health and can lead to addiction in the long term. Many people that suffer from alcohol addiction find themselves in need of a rehab center to help them manage their intake, so giving up before you reach that point is a good idea. But cutting out alcohol isn’t just good for your physical and mental health, it’s good for the planet too. Here’s how quitting alcohol can reduce your environmental impact.

Water and Pesticide Use

The environmental impact of alcohol starts with the crops that are used to make it. Lots of grains, grapes, and hops are grown to make alcoholic drinks and that requires huge amounts of water. There is also a lot of pesticides used on these crops, which causes further environmental damage. Alcohol is not a necessity, so all of this water consumption and pesticide use is unnecessarily damaging the environment. 

You also need to consider the water that is used to make the drinks themselves. Beer and wine require a lot of water to be put in before the fermentation process. In fact, it takes around 60 liters of water to produce 1 liter of beer. Water scarcity is becoming a big problem around the globe, and alcohol production is contributing to it in a big way. People often talk about the impact of bottled water, but they don’t think about bottled beer and wine.

Energy Consumption

Next, you have to consider the energy produced in the huge factories that make alcoholic drinks. These factories are big energy consumers, and they use the power to distill alcohol, bottle it, and transport it. This process uses a lot of non-renewable sources of energy like coal, oil, and gas. Although some companies will use renewable energy sources, many of the largest alcohol producers in the world are not. 

There is a lot of energy used to ship alcohol products around the world too. When you add up all of the emissions from factories, as well as ships and lorries to deliver it, you start to see the true impact of alcohol on the environment.

Packaging Waste

Alcohol is traditionally sold in glass bottles or aluminum cans. These are very recyclable, but they will often end up sitting in a landfill for decades before being broken down. Although a lot of companies are looking for alternatives at the moment, many canned beers still come with a plastic ring around the top. These are known to cause a lot of problems in the ocean because animals are easily trapped inside them. If you’re trying to cut back on plastic packaging, be mindful about the alcohol you buy.

Many people decide to give up alcohol because it is better for their health. But even if you aren’t concerned about that, you should think about how it would benefit the planet if you cut back on your drinking.

How Climate Change Can Affect Home Ownership

With climate change showing no signs of slowing down, the side effects of global warming and pollution are becoming more and more apparent. Climate change can affect your life in a number of different ways, including potentially causing issues and setbacks for those who are homeowners. But how does climate change pose a risk for those that own a property? Read on to find out more. 

First and foremost, one of the most dangerous ways that climate change can influence your life as a homeowner is through damage from extreme weather events. Climate change appears to be causing more ferocious weather conditions all around the world, with floods, storms, and fires striking in locations that have never seen similar conditions before. This means that your property risks being damaged by extreme weather, including wind damage, water damage, fire and smoke damage and so much more. Preparing for these extreme weather events isn’t always easy, but there are certain steps that you can take to better protect your home if dangerous conditions were to take hold. Installing plantation shutters over your windows is a great example, as this can stop flying debris from smashing through the glass if a storm occurs. You can also stock up on sandbags to place at external doorways to prevent floodwater from entering your home. It’s a good idea to get clued up on preventive measures if you want to maintain your property in the best possible condition, as extreme weather events continue to rise in frequency and severity. 

Rising Cost Of Utilities

Paying for utilities like gas, water, and electricity is soon to become unaffordable for many, as the price of amenities continues to rise around the globe. Unfortunately, fossil fuels and non-renewable resources are running out at an alarming rate, and problems with fresh drinking water due to pollution and other environmental factors are causing the price of essential utilities to climb higher than ever before. Covering the cost of homeownership is soon to become near impossible for working-class people, and much more sustainable, renewable sources are still out of reach in terms of price and availability. Accessing solar panels in most regions is a very expensive feat, and sometimes the power generated simply isn’t enough to run your home. Many locations also don’t have access to clean drinking water, with some houses producing brown cloudy sludge rather than crystal clear consumable water. Unless you have the funds to install your own water filtration unit, then this can be a real struggle as a homeowner. 

Climate change and the effects of unethical practices can no doubt have an impact on your life as a homeowner, but there are ways to work around the constraints. Sometimes this can cost a considerable amount of money which can make it inaccessible to most, but consciously making an effort to cut your home’s carbon footprint is all you can do to help mother nature thrive. 

6 Popular Desserts to Make for Your Next Family Gathering

Everyone loves desserts! They are a great way to end any meal but serve as the main course. This blog post lists six popular dessert recipes that you can make for your next family gathering, from simple to complex. From chocolate mousse to key lime pie, we have you covered with these creative and delicious desserts that will be sure to please!

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Mousse cakes are popular desserts to make for family gatherings because they’re easy and require no baking. This chocolate mousse cake recipe entails simply melting some semisweet chocolate, whipping up some heavy cream, and mixing it all. It’s important not to overwhip the cream so that you don’t end up with a grainy texture on your mousse cake.

Meringue Cake

Another popular dessert to make for family gatherings is a delicious yet straightforward meringue cake that can be made in less than an hour. All you need are egg whites, granulated sugar, and some vanilla extract or other flavoring of your choice. You will also want to add some powdered sugar to the mixture after it has been whipped to prevent a sugar crust from forming on top of your cake.

Crème Brulee

Although crème Brulee can be complicated, there is an easy recipe that you can follow as long as you’re not afraid of boiling water and whipping egg whites! All you need to do for this dish is whisk together egg yolks, vanilla extract, and some granulated sugar. This mixture is then poured into ramekins lined with caramelized sugar. After the custards have baked for about 30 minutes in a water bath, you will want to let them chill overnight before serving so they can fully set up.

S’mores Pie

If you’re looking for a dessert that everyone is sure to love, look no further than s’mores pie! Graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache, and toasted marshmallow topping are just a few of the delicious ingredients in this pie. Of course, it’s best to make this dessert ahead of time with the flavors.

Butterscotch Cake

A moist butterscotch cake is always a hit with family and friends. This dessert is easy to make and can be decorated differently. Top it with fresh fruit, chocolate shavings, or a dollop of whipped cream for a real treat. Butterscotch cake is also referred to as “poor man’s pudding” because it’s inexpensive and quick. It’s a great pick for beginners.

Peanut Butter Cake

This cake is a rich, moist peanut butter cake with the added twist of crushed pretzels on top. The crunchy saltiness of this sweet treat makes it unique and delicious. This recipe calls for baking soda in place of eggs, making it perfect for vegans or anyone who needs an egg-free option.

Surprisingly, the cake is not overly sweet despite being loaded with sugar and peanut butter. The pretzels are salty enough to balance out all of that sweetness, making this a perfect option for any family gathering or party where you want something beyond just traditional dessert options.

In conclusion, these six delicious cakes are perfect for any family gathering! Whether you are looking for a chocolate cake, vanilla cake, or something more unique, these recipes will surely satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. So get baking and enjoy spending time with your loved ones!

5 Easy Steps for Starting an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Are you looking for a way to live more sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint? If so, there are many different things you can do. Here are five easy steps that will help get you started on your eco-friendly lifestyle journey!

1) Reduce your energy consumption

One of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact is to consume less energy. You can do many things to accomplish this, such as turning off electronics when you’re not using them, unplugging chargers when they’re not in use, and installing a programmable thermostat. Another great way to conserve energy is by making your home more efficient. You can do this by weatherstripping doors and windows, adding insulation, and replacing light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs.

2) Get rid of junk mail!

A great way to reduce your carbon footprint is by reducing the amount of paper you use. Junk mail can account for up to 30% of an average household’s waste, so getting off mailing lists will have a significant impact on your environmental impact. You can opt-out at many websites or by calling companies directly. Another great way to cut down on paper consumption is through online banking and paying bills electronically – this prevents trees from being unnecessarily chopped down just to make one monthly bill! Finally, cleaning out old files in documents makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for when you need them and helps reduce clutter around the house, which results in less time spent cleaning unnecessary items. 

3) Bring your own bags to the store

Another easy way to reduce your environmental impact is by bringing your own shopping bags when you go to the store. This eliminates the need for plastic or paper checkout bags, which often end up in landfills. There are many different types of reusable shopping bags available, so find one that best suits your needs and make sure to always bring it with you when you go grocery shopping! You can also reduce waste by choosing products with less packaging. Buying in bulk is a great way to do this – not only does it save money, but it also reduces the amount of excess packaging that winds up in landfills. 

4) Move To A New Place

If you are really looking to make a difference in your carbon footprint, consider moving to a new place by researching real estate websites. Many places around the world have lower environmental footprints than others. If you can’t move, consider visiting one of these places for vacation! 

5) Join a Community Garden

If you don’t have the time or space to start your own garden, consider joining a community garden in your area. This is an excellent way to grow organic food without having any of the work! You can also lend a hand with other people’s gardens which will help them out and teach you about gardening skills that may come in handy for when you do decide to plant your own crops. 

In conclusion, there are many different ways to create an eco-friendly lifestyle for yourself. However, using these five easy steps as a guide will help get you started on the path to living a more sustainable life!

Tips for Hosting a Successful Dinner Party

During the pandemic, many of us have realized that we don’t, in fact, need to go out on the town to have a good time. Instead, we can have a fun and enjoyable evening right from our own property! And that fun can come in many different varieties. We could spend time on the couch, engage in creative exercises, or even invite our friends and family around. It can be deeply enjoyable to have your loved ones over for a meal, for instance. 

In this blog, we’ll look at some useful tips that’ll ensure that your dinner party is nothing other than a success.

Pick a Relaxed Week

Hosting a dinner party doesn’t have to be the most stressful thing in the world. But it’s also true that there’ll always be some stress involved. As such, it’s a good idea to find a relaxing week. If you’ve not got much else going on that week, then you’ll be able to dedicate all the energy to your dinner party that it requires — and it’ll all be easy. If you’ve got a hectic week, then you’ll find that it’s stressful. Whenever possible, keep things simple!

Keep Numbers Limited

You might want to have everyone you know over for a night of fun. But being liberal with invites is best when you’re hosting a party, not hosting a dinner party. The more people that you invite, the more you’ll have to cook, the more you’ll need to work. You’ll have a good sense of how many people your dining area can accommodate. How many guests can you accommodate? When you’re putting together your invite list, think with your cooking brain, not your social brain. You’ll be grateful that you did!

Pick an Interesting (But Not Too Complex) Dish

In truth, the hosts of a dinner party are always more critical of the food that they serve than the guests ever would be. So long as it tastes good, they’ll be happy! But if you want to make things a little more notable, then it’s a good idea to push the boat out a little bit. This doesn’t mean putting together a nine-course meal but should involve spending a little more time in the kitchen than you normally would. If there’s any space to be a little creative, you should take it.

The Wow-Factor Dessert

And don’t just think about the main meal! If you can bring out a top-level dessert, then your guests will leave happy. It’s guaranteed. While you can buy a dessert, it’ll be all the more impressive if you make it yourself. A black forest cake is relatively easy to make and is always a crowd-pleaser. Top it off with a delicious drink (alcoholic or otherwise), and your dinner party will be a hit.

Games and Entertainment

Finally, think about games and entertainment. Dinner party questions, charades, Pictionary, and board games will all ensure that your guests are laughing and having fun all the night through.