10‌ ‌Ways‌ ‌To‌ ‌Live‌ ‌A‌ ‌Greener‌ ‌Home‌ ‌Life‌

Going green is unquestionably one of the most common goals shared by homeowners in the modern-day. Aside from saving the planet, it can save you money in the long run while also enabling you to build a better quality of life.

So, what steps should be taken to achieve this goal? Ultimately, no two households are the same, which is why you have to find a strategy that works for you. Nonetheless, some ideas are more likely to feature than others – here are 10 of the best.

#1. Reduce energy usage

Adopting energy-efficient ideas is perhaps the most common way to become more eco-friendly at home. And it’s also one of the most effective. Switching to LED lights is a simple job that can be completed in a day. Compared to incandescent lights, they burn far less energy. Those savings will reduce your energy usage every single day.

Reduced energy usage can also be achieved by adopting a smart thermostat. Or you could cover eating pipes with foam and water tanks with a jacket. Completing these jobs can deliver benefits that last several years.

#2. Be more resourceful

Electricity and heating energy aren’t the only resources you’ll use. Therefore, investing in low flush toilets and energy-efficient dishwashers can work wonders. Similarly, you can use a rainwater tank to collect water. This can subsequently be used for tasks like watering the lawn or using a power jet washer. As such, you’ll place less strain on other water sources.

Recycling is another fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint. Glass, paper, cardboard, and a host of other materials can be recycled rather than sent to landfills. Meanwhile, you could look to sell unwanted goods online to give them a second lease of life.

#3. Make things last longer

One of the best ways to use fewer products and resources in life is to make them last longer. Therefore, motivating yourself to implement improved maintenance habits will be key. Knowing how to make your pool fence last a long time won’t only prevent the need to replace it prematurely. It’ll additionally ensure that your backyard stays looking lovely.

A variety of internal items can be kept in better health through regular cleanings, such as showerheads. Products that are designed to help washing machines or dishwashers last longer will boost efficiency.

#4. Look for green upgrades

Even when you successfully get more use out of your home products, it will be necessary to make upgrades from time to time. As our guide to greener home renovations states, the building techniques are vital. You should also look for efficient products that reflect the tech advancements made in recent years. Persisting with wasteful items will restrict the progress.

Perhaps the most important thing in this aspect is to focus on insulation. New roofing, double glazing, and wall insulation can work wonders. Heat loss is often the biggest cause of carbon emissions from the home. Address this to go green and make your home look better.

#5. Make smarter purchases

Going green doesn’t stop your need to purchase a variety of goods. However, you can make a significant improvement by making smarter choices. Avoiding single-use plastic should sit at the top of your agenda. Meanwhile, purchasing goods made from natural materials can have a positive impact. Chemical-free cleaners are another key feature.

Crucially, you must think about the companies you support. Industrial carbon footprints easily outweigh residential ones. So, the indirect impacts you have through supporting ethical and ecological brands will be huge.

#6. Install a water filter tap

We all need to drink water to stay healthy. Lots of it. However, going through vast volumes of plastic bottles is terrible for the environment. Rather than buying bottled water, you can install a filter tap to ensure you have better-tasting water. Or this could be incorporated into your fridge. If neither of those options is viable, a water filter jug can work well.

In addition to a water filter tap, you may find that an instant boiling water tap is an ideal option. It removes the energy waste caused by boiling the kettle several times each day. For larger households, it is one of the most rewarding upgrades of all.

#7. Opt for green driving

While it’s not technically a home upgrade, you can’t go green without thinking about your car. Understanding how to make the switch to electric cars or hybrids will put you on the right path. You may also want to consider cycling or walking more frequently when taking short trips. Or when using the car, removing unnecessary weight is a useful habit.

Driving habits will indirectly influence your daily home life, which is why you must not ignore the benefits. Besides, seeing a greener vehicle on the driveway will serve as a reminder to maintain good standards in the home.

#8. Embrace greener habits

Putting the right features in place for a greener lifestyle is great. However, you still need to use the home in an efficient manner too. Food waste is shown to be the most common source of problems. Analyzing your grocery shopping habits should underline how wasteful you’ve been. As well as cutting back, you must be sure to recycle your food correctly.

Further green habits include embracing paperless billing and learning to turn items off at night. They may seem like small updates, but their impact on your carbon emissions and impact on the planet soon add up.

#9. Add Solar Panels

It is one of the more significant home projects to consider but solar roof panels can have a big impact. Any energy used to power your home from the panels will cause zero carbon footprint. Meanwhile, it may be possible to sell any additional energy that you’ve harvested back to the power network. So, you will effectively help others reduce their emissions too.

As well as solar panels, you can use garden solar lights. When supported by efficient boilers and heat pumps, along with the energy methods above, you will see a big change. The savings of energy and money are repeated each month.

#10. Be consistent

Last but not least, you must remember that consistency is king. Above all else, this winning mindset will lead you to great results.

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