4 Ways You Can Make Your Diet More Sustainable

Trying to lower your impact on the environment can be challenging at times, especially when you consider how little your impact is against everyone else – but it takes all of us to do our part to make a difference. The food that we eat every day is contributing to climate change, and the best way to combat that is to make sure you’re eating as sustainably as possible and not supporting damaging practices.

Eat less meat

If you weren’t aware, the meat industry is producing a huge amount of greenhouse gasses and is the larger portion of the environmental impact that the food industry is having on our planet. While it can be hard to find alternatives that are meat-free, and difficult for some people to adjust to – there are plenty of different meals out there to try that don’t include any meat. You don’t necessarily have to cut out the meat completely, but if we all made an effort to cut down on the meat, the environment would benefit from it significantly.

Grow your own food

Not everyone has their own tools and space for it, but you could consider growing your own food. Of course, it’s not as simple as just producing everything for yourself, and you wouldn’t have to in order to make a difference. Simply growing a small number of your fruits and vegetables can help you to cut down on various issues that are damaging the environment. There’s no use of plastic wrap, no waste, and no other chemicals being used as preservatives. Not only is it eco-friendly, but you’re also saving yourself money and providing yourself with a sense of satisfaction.

Use less plastic

The food industry produces a lot of non-recyclable waste, due to the plastic that’s used to wrap and keep food fresh and clean. It’s not the easiest problem to solve, as it’s the cheapest option for businesses – but there are ways you can cut down on plastic usage. For example, the amount of plastic bags out there that can’t be recycled is a huge concern, and that’s somewhere you should start. Don’t throw out your plastic bags, keep them for the next time you need to go shopping – you can use them just fine and you won’t bring them home any more bags.

Look into more sustainable products

If there are products that you simply can’t cut down on, you should look into alternatives to see if there are more sustainable options. Even when it comes to health products like what you might find at CBDistillery, there are always companies that vow to do more for the environment, and by supporting them – you’re investing back into the environment. It’s important to set an example for other businesses to show them that being eco-friendly is the better option and that producing so much waste will only get them so far.

You might have to do some digging to find the right alternative, but there’s always one business trying to make a difference.

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