5 Simple, Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

This year the mister and I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at home! So I thought I’d share some fun eco-friendly Valentine’s Day surprising you can do at home! 

#1: Organic Sweet Tooth:
I have a sweet tooth so there will definitely need to be a little chocolate on Valentine’s Day. I will be picking chocolate that is fair trade and organic too because nothing is sweeter than socially and environmentally conscious chocolates.

#2: Think Outside of the Dining Room Table:
We recently revamped our back patio, so we’re having dinner al fresco with a movie! It’s my new favorite space at our home. Nothing is more fun than dinner and a movie outside by the pool! 

#3: Bubbles Make Everything Better:
Who doesn’t love a bubble bath? What Valentine’s Day would be complete without a yummy bath full of organic bath bubbles, candlelight, and your special someone?

#4: Love is in Bloom:
I am not a huge fan of fresh-cut flowers, I would rather receive a beautiful potted plant that I can enjoy for years to come. 

#5: Cook Together:
Whether you are celebrating with your spouse, significant other, or kids, give cooking together a shot. Now that Eben is an adult the mister and I tend to cook together more often, which is a sweet treat in itself. 

What eco-friendly Valentine’s Day surprises do you have up your sleeve this year? 

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