6 Ways to Embrace A Vegan Diet

While you’re searching for delicious vegan winter meals, you might wonder whether it’s time for you to embrace veganism to its fullest. You may have dabbled here and there, and you don’t eat meat with every meal the way you used to. Still, going vegan can be a significant lifestyle change and if you want to make it stick, you need to know how to do it properly to ensure you get the health benefits and start making positive changes to the environment. 

Find the Perfect Meat Substitutes 

Most people are scared of a vegan diet because they aren’t sure about good meat substitutes, but this is far from the truth. Just looking at this quinoa recipe collection from foolproofliving.com is proof that you can put together a range of exciting and traditionally meat-based dishes without going anywhere near pork, beef, or chicken. If you’re concerned about protein intake, many of these foods pack plenty of protein that will help keep you energized and build muscle if you want to bulk up over the winter. 

Know What to Look For On Ingredient Lists 

Even if you feel dedicated to veganism, you may not know enough about ingredients that could affect your journey. Some brands try to include sneaky non-vegan ingredients in the food you can purchase at the supermarket or restaurants. Knowing what to look out for will help you maintain your veganism and keep you from making continuous missteps that go against everything you’re trying desperately to avoid. 

Remove Food You Won’t Miss 

If you’re taking it slowly, you can start by getting rid of food you won’t miss. Everyone has some foods they only eat out of necessity or even peer pressure, so if you feel you can live without turkey breast or pork chops, you don’t need to worry about this. Likewise, you can replace milk with almond milk, and don’t ignore the benefits of seasonings and how they can transform dishes that seem bland. 

Make It A Gradual Change 

No one is expecting you to become vegan overnight and some people end up suffering from health issues their bodies cannot cope with under such a rapid adjustment. Furthermore, the more changes you make in a short period, the less likely you are to stick to your new diet. There is likely to be some food you’re not ready to give up yet, so take it easy and gradually remove non-vegan food from your diet until you feel ready. 

Don’t Beat Yourself Up 

Everyone makes mistakes and one slip-up doesn’t ruin everything, but it can teach you an important lesson about what you’re ready to do. You shouldn’t feel like you’ve betrayed veganism just because you accidentally consumed meat or you felt the cravings were too much. Still, use this as a learning opportunity. Consider why you consumed meat and ask whether any triggers encouraged it.

Embrace It

If you feel ready to take on veganism in all its glory, there is no better time than right now. However, you don’t need to make wholesale changes overnight. If you want your vegan habit to stick, take it one step at a time to protect your health and keep you motivated which will boost your chances of success.

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