7 Fruits and Vegetables That are Easy for Kids to Grow in Their Garden

Gardening is a fantastic activity that everyone in your family will enjoy, especially your children. It is the perfect way to spend several days a week working together outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Gardening is also great for instilling a sense of responsibility, cooperative learning and excitement in your child. Not to mention, when all is said and done, you are left with a beautiful bounty of fresh, organic foods that your family grew together — and will enjoy eating together.

The key to getting your child super excited about gardening is choosing fruits and vegetables that are easy for them to grow. You want them to have a successful experience gardening, and it helps when the produce they are growing is relatively foolproof. I have planted many different types of fruits and vegetables with my son over the year and have found 7 items that are tried and true when it comes to gardening with children. Several of these plants can be grown inside (in a sunny window or patio), if you’re a city dweller. Jump over to Inhabitots to learn the 7 easiest fruits and vegetables to grow this spring with your children — and get planting!

photo credit Shutterstock via Inhabitots

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  1. AngelaLilly April 11, 2013 at 8:44 pm #

    I think it is so important to teach kids about gardening, both food and for beauty. Being in touch with the Earth and the earth are so very important to raising adults that will respect both.

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