A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Band for your Sustainable Wedding

You’ve planned almost everything you need to host your beautifully ethical and eco-friendly wedding – but what about the band? Whilst it might not be the biggest eco offender, your entertainment is still an element that can potentially impact the carbon footprint of your special day. Here, we take a look at some of the top tips for choosing the perfect band for your sustainable wedding.

Be open about your preferences

For the eco-conscious couple, sustainability and ethically sourced supplies are of paramount importance when it comes to planning their wedding. Every potential musician or band you approach should be able to get just as excited about your values and preferences as you do, so be sure to open the conversation around your expectations.

Try to find musicians who also value sustainability. Perhaps they only use green-powered generators for their amplifiers, or use electric vehicles to transport equipment. Or maybe your chosen venue uses renewable energy which makes their equipment more eco-friendly? Even small things bands can do like bringing refillable water bottles to their performances, rather than using multiple disposable cups or adding to the venue’s washing up, will help boost the eco-credentials of your day.

Go acoustic

If your venue is suitable and your guest list is small enough, an acoustic band could be an excellent choice. Without the need for energy-taxing lights and amplifiers, acoustic musicians can make use of a room’s natural space to please the crowd with their melodies and songs.

Even if you’ll need some sort of power to boost the sound as evening falls, try to stick to acoustic-only musicians throughout the daytime segments of your day. A gentle background tune played by a harpist or pianist is very romantic whilst you’re enjoying your wedding breakfast.

Stay local

An easy way to ensure your choice of wedding music is as green as can be is to stick to local musicians. There are bound to be plenty of small groups in your area who can entertain your guests without having to travel long distances. If you manage to find an up-and-coming band, your wedding may even be one of their debut performances. If you’re unsure where to look, try an online database or search through local village magazines for recommendations.

With live bands, you don’t just get music, you get an entire performance. And young bands looking to find their way in the industry can be some of the best and most passionate when it comes to entertaining your wedding guests. Of course, a professional, long-standing local band is also a fantastic option – the key is choosing local artists to cut down on travel and overnight costs.

Tie it all together

All good weddings are seamlessly tied together with an overarching theme, so be sure to factor yours in when choosing your wedding band. Folk bands work well for earthy, rustic weddings, whilst jazz bands can liven up any classic or retro event. Look for musical styles that resonate with you and your partner, and then work with your venue and musicians to find the most sustainable way to incorporate the band into your wedding day.

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