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Get Thermos Happy: New School Hot Lunch Ideas!


If you have one or more kiddos in school that depend on you for their lunch everyday, step up your game and introduce new hot and healthy meals into your child’s lunch routine. The perfect way to do this is by investing in a good thermos that will fit in your child’s lunchbox. Of course, the options for thermos designs and colors are endless so be sure to include your little one in the shopping fun – and make sure it is eco-friendly too!

Don’t be skeptical that what you put in the thermos before school will remain hot until your child’s lunch period – it will stay plenty warm! A hot lunch can be a nice change from a cold sandwich – especially with the cooler months approaching. This change may also give you the opportunity to be resourceful by eating more leftovers. If you have the ability to send part of last nights meal in a thermos with your kids the next day perhaps you won’t waste as much food – which is good for the environment and your pocketbook.

You know better than anyone what foods your kids will eat but here are a few thermos meal suggestions to try! What kid doesn’t love spaghetti and meatballs? Add your favorite spaghetti recipe to your thermos and enjoy! Another favorite is to make veggie mac-n-cheese by mixing frozen broccoli, cauliflower and carrots with mac-n-cheese to make a hearty lunch for any season. Is your kid a chicken nugget fan? Send a few warm ones along with your child’s favorite dipping sauce for a special lunch treat!

Make your little one feel warm and toasty on cool days by sending your special homemade soup! Or sometimes there’s nothing better than eating breakfast for lunch. Send cold or hot breakfast thermos options such as yogurt and berries, or hot oatmeal with fruit. Power up!

Take a book, Return a book: Celebrate Back to School!


Back to school is the perfect time of year to join the excitement and encourage your children to adopt good reading and learning habits. We strive for the best for our children which is why we spend so much time looking for the best schools and making sure teachers are exceeding our expectations. However, parents often forget how much power they have to influence their children’s learning potential. This can be done simply by making books an integral part of kids lives and introducing fun ways to learn!

Reading with your children helps them form a special bond with you as well as fosters academic excellence. Reading specifically improves speech, communication and language skills. Additionally, it gives children of all ages and walks of life an avenue for adventure and new experiences. A new way parents and families are bringing excitement to reading is by offering the fun of reading to their whole neighborhood through Little Free Libraries. Read on for my favorite Little Free Library design.

free little library

You may be asking yourself what is a Little Free Library?! It’s a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a container full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share. Little Free Libraries can be found all over the states but don’t fret if your neighborhood doesn’t have one yet!

You can find simple instructions to build your own Little Free Library but know the options for this project are limitless! Your children can experience the joy of helping others by donating some of their already read books as well as enjoy the benefit of being able to read books other families donate. This is a win/win for all involved and a great way to get involved in your community as well as foster your child’s academic future. Perhaps spoken best by Dr. Seuss, “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Cheers!

Let’s Talk Pumpkins!

By Amanda

This is the perfect time of year to take note of the many different uses of pumpkins! They aren’t just used as holiday props but also for eating, decorating, and body care. You may not know this but pumpkins are actually one of the most popular crops farmed in the United States each year – no wonder there are so many uses for this orange favorite!

For radiant skin, save some left over pumpkin in a can and use it to make yourself a honey pumpkin exfoliating mask. You can also make your own scrumptious pumpkin body butter that is a treat for your skin and your sense of smell! Mix some pumpkin puree, cinnamon and coconut milk and prepare yourself for a spectacular treat!

Make an awesome center piece for your dinner table by showcasing this years pumpkins in a unique way! Make your own floating pumpkin candles with little effort. Check out your local farmers market and pick up a handful of miniature pumpkins and the same number of votive candles. Use the votive candle as a stencil to trace a circle onto the top of each pumpkin and afterwards cut the circle out with a knife until the candle fits snugly inside. Complete this step for each pumpkin until you have enough the perfect amount for your water filled container. Light each candle as the pumpkins float in the water and voila a spectacular mealtime display!

What is your favorite way to use pumpkin?

You Can Be a ‘Green Parent’ Too! 3 Simply Steps to Get You Started!


by Amanda

As you may already be aware, green parenting has fast become a new trend. Even though many of us have been on this band wagon for a long time, celebrities as well as people of all walks of life are now taking steps to not only reduce their carbon footprint but their kiddo’s as well. Hooray! Green parenting can be achieved through a series of simple thoughtful changes. There are endless ways you can do your part but we’ve put together a few expert tips on how you can easily reduce your baby’s carbon footprint starting today. Here’s a list of a few of our favorites:

1. Breast is Best
It’s not like you need to hear another beneficial reason to breastfeed but know that it is the ultimate green source of food for your baby. The milk you produce will be environmentally friendly because it doesn’t need to be processed, packaged and shipped to the shops, unlike formula milk.

2. Say YES to Hand-Me-Downs
Like with most things, the main carbon and environmental impact of clothing and furniture is in its production. Taking hand-me-downs from friends and family or getting clothes from charity shops extends the life of a garment and diminishes its carbon impact. Additionally, by using second-hand cribs, high chairs, strollers, etc. you will extend the life of that object and negate the need for a new one to be created.

3. Be Smart with Washing/Drying
We all know that kids, especially babies, are incapable of staying clean for longer than five minutes. However, start being more considerate of how often you are changing their outfits and make sure that the washing you do is unavoidable. Something else to consider is drying your clothes outside on a line or inside under a fan when possible as the tumble dryer uses enormous amounts of energy and adds a big chunk on to baby’s carbon footprint.

One of the best things you can do as a parent is to create eco conscious children. Talk to your kids from a young age about the importance of a low-carbon lifestyle and explain your reasoning. They will grow up to follow your example and pass the message on to future generations!