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How to Get an Organic Makeup Look in Under Five Minutes

The other day I was browsing through my local drugstore and as always I stopped at the makeup section. I got to the end of the aisle and saw that Physician’s Formula came out with new organic makeup products! So I couldn’t resist and went ahead and purchased the two products, Natural CC Color + Correction Cream and Natural Fake-Out Mascara. As soon as I got home, I tried them out! Here are the steps I followed:
Step 1: Cleanse skin to get rid of any trace of make up and dirt.
Step 2: Squeeze some of the Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer on the top of your hand and use your index / middle finger to apply this evenly all over your face (make sure to blend this down a bit below your jaw line so that it is evenly applied).
Step 3: Apply a few coats of mascara to your top and bottom lashes. 
Check out the finished look!
before and after
Do you have any organic makeup products that you cannot live without? Please share in the comments!


3 Simple Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes Tips

Carmen Sandiego

by Briana

Halloween is right around the corner, are you and the kids ready? Time to take out the spooky decor and start thinking of awesome costume ideas. Personally I love Halloween, it’s that time of year when you can be silly and let your creativity run wild. When I was a kid growing up my mom always made my Halloween costumes.  There was no costume idea that I came up with that she couldn’t do. Honestly she still helps me make awesome costumes not only for myself but for my husband and son, we always have a blast! Now let’s get into it. Here are 3 simple ways to keep your costume making eco-friendly:

1. Hit Up Your Local Thrift Shop
Not only do I love to shop at thrift stores for my everyday fashion pieces but it is a Halloween costume cave of wonders! A couple of years ago I wanted to be Carmen Sandiego, so I hit up my local thrift store in search for my costume.  Before going into the store I already had in mind what I needed to find. There were three must-have items, her famous red coat, a black hat, and a yellow band. I found an 80’s bright red oversize blazer so I used that for the coat. The final product is the photo above – what do you think?

2. Rummage Through your Closet
Last year was the first Halloween my husband and I had with our son. You can only imagine how excited I was to come up with the cutest family Halloween costumes! We decided on Mario and Luigi for my husband and son (How cute right?!). Their costumes were the easiest thing to put together. For Donavon, we needed jean overalls (yes he had a pair of jean overalls, don’t ask me why) a green t-shirt, a hat, extra green t-shirt(to cover the hat) and a hat. For my son, a red tee,  jean overalls, and a red baby hat. We used white paper we had at home and added the L and the M to the hats as well.

3. Costume Swap with a Friend or Relative
Think your past costumes are going to sit in your closet forever? Think again! Instead, call up a friend or family member and ask them if they kept any of their old Halloween costumes, not just for you but for the kids as well. When I was still pregnant I bought his Halloween costume ahead of time because I couldn’t help the excitement of purchasing this tiny little baby costume. However, when Halloween rolled around it no longer fit him, needless to say it is still sitting in a drawer and has never been used. I’m sure this is the case with many of our friends and family, so save some money and the environment with a costume swap!

What other ways are you making your Halloween costume eco-friendly?




4 Great Ways to Enjoy the Magical Power of Aloe Vera


by Briana

I have been using aloe vera very for many years now. I was first introduced to this amazing plant by my grandmother who was the queen of all things natural – she knew all of remedies that always seem to work. Now most of us know that aloe vera can sooth the painful sunburns that we all dread, but that isn’t the only thing our friend Mr. Aloe can do! Here are some other great ways to make use of it – read on to check them out.

1. For Your Beautiful Face
Back in my teenage years I didn’t have the best of skin. I had a lot of breakouts and my skin was very oily. My grandmother came to my rescue! She told me to use aloe vera as a facial mask, so one night I gave it a try. I took a chunk of aloe from the plant and I rubbed it all over my face, yes it is a bit slimy but I experienced amazing results! It also helps with your happy lines (aka wrinkles).

2. Drink It
If you’re having some tummy problems, aloe vera can help. Aloe helps with your digestion and gets rid of those unwanted toxins. Use with caution because aloe vera is a super laxative – however, when used in moderation your tummy will be feeling better in no time.

3. For Your Scalp
Aloe has been known to treat dandruff and help sooth an itchy scalp. Your everyday dandruff products can be very strong in smell and many of them are loaded with harmful chemical and toxins. I remember growing up my dad used Selsun Blue, I could smell it from across the hall! Instead, grab some aloe to relieve your scalp naturally.

4. For Minor Cuts
Aloe vera can also help heal minor wounds such as a cut or a graze, although it is not recommended for deeper more serious cuts. If you fall off your bike or if your child has a small scrap on her knee, avoid the squinting and the ouch! And rub on some aloe vera.

Do you have other ways that you use aloe vera? We would love to hear!