Broken Appliances? Fixing it Yourself is an Eco-Friendly Option!

We have a energy star, front loading washing and dryer set from Frigidaire that I ADORE. However, the door handle on the washer completely broke off during our move. And it wasn’t just the fact that the washer didn’t look pretty, but because the door handle was missing, a steady stream of water would drip out during the wash cycle. It’s not exactly conserving water!

I called a repair man to find out what the cost would be to replace the handle. Wowzers! It was going to cost almost as much as it would to just buy a new one! I didn’t want a new one, I wanted the washer that matches my dryer, not to mention, simply buying a new washer because the handle was broken seemed crazy. Then, I thought, I should replace the door handle myself, except I had no idea where I would find the right replacement piece.

PartSelect (who has been a Sweet Greens’ sponsor for years) offers an online service where you can look up parts for your appliances and order them — popped into my head. Guess what? They had my door handle (at a fraction of the cost, that the repairman wanted to charge) and the installation video showed that it would take less than 15 minutes for me to replace the part myself! How great is that?

I love the idea of fixing a broken appliance instead of simply purchasing a new one. I feel that if an appliance can be fixed, that is the best eco-friendly option (in most cases!) My washer was in perfect condition, except for the broken door handle and now that it is replaced, it is like new again. Win. Win.

Do you fix your own appliances?
Or do you still feel more comfortable calling the repairman?


Thanks to PartSelect for sponsoring this post and for sharing these great tools to give consumers the option to fix their broken appliances by themselves. Repairing a home appliance not only saves the customer money and time, it is also great for the environment!

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