Can You Make Your Home Eco In One Week?

When trying to stay afloat with our finances it is super important to be conscious about the energy we use at home every day. Saving energy is important not only for our finances but for the planet, and today we want to talk about some of the simple ways you can save energy at home today. 

Let in natural light 

One of the simple ways to make your home more green is to invest in natural light. If you currently have small windows that don’t let a lot of light penetrate the home during the day this might mean that you are more likely to turn on the lights and waste energy. Instead, consider investing in bigger windows and even some more windows around the house to maximise the light you get into your home. Not only will it save money but it will make your home feel bigger and more spacious. 

Get rid of unneeded appliances 

It is important not to have a load of appliances hanging around the house that you won’t use. Don’t crowd the home with tech that you don’t need and this will help you reduce the energy you use every day. It is all too easy for you to get used to plugging everything in around the house and this can waste a lot of energy and cost you a huge amount of money. 

Turn off the tap 

The first simple change in habit you can implement into your life is to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Water costs a pretty penny and it takes a lot of energy to bring water to your home and into your taps. It is important not to run your taps when you don’t need to because this will make a massive impact on the energy you use as well as your water bill at the end of the month. 

Switch off the lights 

Another way you can change the energy you use at home is by choosing different lights throughout the home. Energy companies can recommend different lights such as Olympia Lighting for you to install at home that are more efficient and energy saving. Switching to LED lights for example could save you a lot of money and will use much less energy so is better for the environment. 

Insulate the walls 

One of the important things to consider when you want to keep the house warm and decrease your energy usage each year is insulation. Insulating the walls is a crucial step in your journey because it will lock in the warm air in your home when you turn on the heating, and as a result you are less likely to keep having to switch on the heating. 

Use these simple tips and tricks to help you save some money in the house this year as well as make it more energy efficient. There’s no need to spend a pretty penny and use too much energy when you are savvy! 

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