I’ll Drink To That: Use a Reusable Bottle

Have you ever stopped to think about how many beverage cups, lids, and straws are used once and simply thrown away? If you think of all of the places that we purchase beverages, the number is astronomical. We purchase drinks at restaurants, cafes, gas stations, convenience stores, amusement parks, grocery stores, movie theaters, fast food restaurants, shopping centers, the list goes on and on.

If everyone purchased and carried their own reusable BPA free bottle to all of these locations, think of how many cups, lids, and straws would be saved from the landfill and would never need to be produced. Another benefit is most places will refill your reusable bottle for a great price because it is considered a refill. Our local gas station will refill our 40-ounce bottles for $0.99. We carry our own BPA free stainless steel reusable bottles with us wherever we go. Most of the restaurants, bagel joints, juice bars, and gas stations that we have visited are happy to have us refill our bottles and we feel good knowing we aren’t going to throw anything away. It’s a small change that would make a huge difference.

Do you carry your own reusable bottle?

Green Tip: Get Unplugged


Have you ever walked through your house at night and seen all of the little lights on? You are probably thinking that I have gone mad and really should be in bed, instead of walking around in the dark. Well, before you think I am crazy, try it. It is only when your house is completely dark that you may notice all of the non-essential items that you have plugged in or items that could be unplugged in between uses. Could you possibly unplug the cell phone chargers, printers, computers, scanners, TVs, curling irons, hairdryers, coffee pots, lamps, etc;?

You probably won’t see a huge decrease in your power usage as far as your utility bill is concerned, but every little thing counts and if we all did these things, it would really add up.
We have items such as lamps and clocks in our house that are not even plugged in, they are only there as decoration.
How unplugged are you?

Green Tips: Can, Dry or Freeze It

Summer is coming to an end! You can enjoy summer fruit all year long though! Simply purchase local fruit now and can, dry, or freeze it. This way you will have local fruit in the cold winter months!

Cherries are out of season and my husband LOVES cherries, so we freeze them. You know what is better than fresh cherries, FROZEN ones. They are amazing! Frozen strawberries are amazing for smoothies, same goes for bananas and blueberries, oh my! The options are endless. 

What are your favorite fruits and veggies to can, freeze or dry? 

Paper or Plastic? Uh, Neither

Every time I go grocery shopping, I get this question, “paper or plastic?” and a lot of times, the bagger doesn’t even bother to ask…just start loading my groceries into plastic bags. I think that paper and plastic are both horrible for the environment, so I always decline both.

Plastic bags are made from petroleum by-products and are manufactured in an unsustainable and super polluting way. Not to mention, they will sit in the landfill for thousands of years. I can not stand the fact that they are everywhere. Trees, check. Gutters, check. Blowing past my house right now, check. (be right back) OK, I had to go catch it. Bodies of water, check. Everywhere.

Paper bags aren’t much better because even if you recycle them, the process to transport them to the recycling facility and the recycling process itself is very polluting and completely unnecessary. Did I mention the fact, that paper bags are made from trees.

So next time you stop at the store, please remember to grab your reusable bags. It only takes a second. They hold more, are stronger, there are some great looking ones available and it saves the Earth.

Check out my favorite reusable grocery bags here.

Do you use your reusable bags? Which are your favorites?


Grow an Indoor Organic Apothecary Herb Garden

Did you know that herbs have special healing powers? It’s true. Herbs are great for ailments including headaches, stress, sore throats, and digestion. Growing your own apothecary garden is one of the most rewarding garden projects. Herbs are easy to grow, great for beginners, and the perfect project for a family. They grow well in pots, so these would also be great for someone who has limited space or lives in a home without an outdoor space.

Choose an organic potting soil and fertilizer and a sunny place to place your pots or grow your herbs is key. Water the herbs daily until the water drains out of the bottom of the pot. You can use anything for a pot, my favorite pots are old items that you give new life to, such as; vintage milk pails or galvanized bins.

I currently have basil, thyme, and mint in my apothecary herbal garden and plan to add lemon balm, peppermint, and lavender soon.

How does your herb garden grow?

You can upload your garden pics to Sweet Greens Facebook Page for everyone to see.