Grow an Indoor Organic Apothecary Herb Garden

Did you know that herbs have special healing powers? It’s true. Herbs are great for ailments including headaches, stress, sore throats, and digestion. Growing your own apothecary garden is one of the most rewarding garden projects. Herbs are easy to grow, great for beginners, and the perfect project for a family. They grow well in pots, so these would also be great for someone who has limited space or lives in a home without an outdoor space.

Choose an organic potting soil and fertilizer and a sunny place to place your pots or grow your herbs is key. Water the herbs daily until the water drains out of the bottom of the pot. You can use anything for a pot, my favorite pots are old items that you give new life to, such as; vintage milk pails or galvanized bins.

I currently have basil, thyme, and mint in my apothecary herbal garden and plan to add lemon balm, peppermint, and lavender soon.

How does your herb garden grow?

You can upload your garden pics to Sweet Greens Facebook Page for everyone to see.

Green Health: What Are Your Essentials?

Do you use essential oils? Do you know how to use essential oils?

Essential oils are natural compounds found in bark, seeds, flowers, stems, roots, and plants. Essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, and anti-fungal naturally. Amazing, right? They are also lipophilic which allows them to destroy viruses that antibiotics may not be able to. You can use essential oils to clean your home and heal your body. My favorite uses for essential oils are:

* Peppermint: Apply to temples for a great headache reliever.
* Lemon: Rub into your hands for an amazing alcohol-free sanitizer.
* Tangerine: Add to your homemade house cleaner as a disinfectant.
* Grapefruit: Inhale for 60 seconds for the perfect appetite suppressant.
* Lavender: Inhale for 60 seconds to alleviate depression. and stress.
Do you feel better? What do you use essential oils for?

Go Ahead… Eat Your Straw

Disposable straws are such a waste, as billions of them are tossed after a single use to sit in the landfill for years and years to come.
Paper straws are becoming more and more popular but still aren’t the best option since they are a single-use product.
Here is a fun alternative for the kids or for yourself. Licorice. Yes, licorice makes the perfect straw, all you have to do is snip off or bite off the ends.
Jayson sometimes slips one into my cocktail before he serves it. Haha.
This is also a super fun straw for birthday parties! We serve red and rainbow colors licorice sticks with Izzy’s at parties and Eben loves chocolate licorice in his milkshakes. 
Would you eat your straw?

How To Make Organic Perfume Rubs

Looking for a fun activity for the girls in your life? How about making your own perfume rubs? These are great to pop in your purse and pull out whenever you would like to smell pretty.


  • 1/4 C. beeswax
  • 3 tbsp. Jojoba
  • 65 drops of essential oil (my favorite for perfume, lavender)

Melt the beeswax, add the jojoba and essential oils. Stir and pour into small reusable containers. (I use empty lip balm jars) To apply, rub your finger over the wax and apply it to your body.

Green Tips for Kids: Summer Swap Club


How many books, CDs, DVDs, board games and video games does your family own? If you are like most families, you probably have a whole library for each. Most of these items rarely get watched, listened to, played with, or read multiple times, so they just sit and collect dust. Our family stopped purchasing these types of items a long time ago. Instead, we visit our local library weekly and stock up on books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs. (We use our library’s online system to reserve items that we would like to see or read.)

You could also set up a swap club with your friends. You can swap books, CDs, DVDs, video games or board games. This way all of these items get used over and over but you also eliminate the making, packaging, and transporting of new items. It is a very Earth-friendly and fun way to upcycle. This would be super fun to do throughout the summer.

Do you swap?