Coffee on the Beach + A Water Tornado

Water-Tornado-2A water tornado, otherwise known as a waterspout is exactly that a tornado that forms over water. I remember the first time that I saw a water tornado (waterspout), the mister and I were on our honeymoon in the Florida Keys and were several miles off the coast, snorkeling at a reef. While they were in the distance, I didn’t find it to be scary and wasn’t really even concerned! Since we are camping on the beach, the mister and I like to spend some of our mornings sitting next to the ocean while we drink our coffee, observe wildlife and chat. Last week while in the Florida Keys, we got another show entirely – we sat and watched a large thunderstorm in the distance that was shooting off water tornadoes left and right.

Here are some photos I took of one forming:


It was very cool to sit and watch them happening in the distance, but now as a mother whose child was a few feet away sleeping the in the RV, I couldn’t help but think, “Please do not get bigger and please do not come this way!”

Have you experienced any interesting summer weather? I would love to hear!

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