Green Child Magazine: Simple Nature Mobile Brings the Outdoors in

Eben and I spent a lot of time hiking and collecting leaves, pine-cones and flat rocks during the fall months. We have a large plate on our family room coffee table that holds all of our favorites. It is a fun reminder of all of our adventures together – and we have a thing from collecting the smallest pine-cones we can find and flat rocks with holes in them, we are crazy that way.

We wanted a way to showcase some of our favorite finds so we decided to tie kitchen twine to them and hang them on some branches in a vase. We also hung some on our dining room chandelier. These have become quite the conversation starters, when guests come over they always comment on our “nature mobiles” wanting to know where we found all of the fun treasures. You can too with this simple upcycled project that I put together for the current issue of Green Child Magazine.

What you will need:
• assortment of found natural items (rocks, pine-cones, leaves)
• kitchen twine
• scissors
• vase

How to Get Started:

  1. Wash and let the found natural items air dry. 
  2. Add kitchen twine, arrange as desired and randomly tie items on the branches or elsewhere.

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