Green Tips for Kids: Summer Swap Club


How many books, CDs, DVDs, board games and video games does your family own? If you are like most families, you probably have a whole library for each. Most of these items rarely get watched, listened to, played with, or read multiple times, so they just sit and collect dust. Our family stopped purchasing these types of items a long time ago. Instead, we visit our local library weekly and stock up on books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs. (We use our library’s online system to reserve items that we would like to see or read.)

You could also set up a swap club with your friends. You can swap books, CDs, DVDs, video games or board games. This way all of these items get used over and over but you also eliminate the making, packaging, and transporting of new items. It is a very Earth-friendly and fun way to upcycle. This would be super fun to do throughout the summer.

Do you swap?

2 Responses to Green Tips for Kids: Summer Swap Club

  1. Richard & Natalie June 17, 2009 at 2:47 am #

    A great idea that would save me $100’s every year and space in my house! Plus, it would give the kids and me something to look forward to doing together each week.

  2. Sweet Greens June 20, 2009 at 6:25 pm #

    Hi Nat,
    It really does. This is a great thing to do with your close friends and saves tons of money and resources.

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