Have a Lovely Green Halloween Weekend + A Few Green Things

Hello Everyone.

Happy Halloween Weekend! What are your weekend plans? Do you have your costume ready to go? Are you having or going to a Halloween Bash?

Today is Mr. Sweet Greens birthday. Yay. While Eben is enjoying himself at a fantastic Halloween party at the home of one of his classmates tonight – Mr. Sweet Greens and I will be celebrating his birthday with dinner on the beach. Fantastic.

We plan to wake up bright and early tomorrow to hit our Green Market. Mr. Sweet Greens plans to buy everything that we will need for our dinner menu next week and I can’t wait for the fresh baked breads and cheese. Yum. After the farmer’s market, we are having a birthday luncheon with Mr. Sweet Greens grandparents and aunt. His aunt is preparing the entire meal, what a great way to spend the afternoon.

Mr. Sweet Greens father is staying at our house Saturday night, so he can spend Sunday at the beach with us. Then, the part that Eben has been waiting for all month long – trick or treating with our favorite Florida friends, the Moras.

It sounds like a weekend jam packed with fun, no?

While I wrap up Mr. Sweet Greens birthday gifts, here are a few green things I have wanted to share with you:

– You still have time to make a fun front door bat mat – just use no VOC spray paint please.
– This is exactly the reason that I never, NEVER parallel park. {wink}
– I really want to stay in a tree hotel.
– Looking for a fun Halloween craft? Here are 12.
– More cute Buy Nothing Halloween costumes.

I hope you enjoy your Halloween weekend. I can’t wait to see you on Monday. Stay safe.

Sweet Greens

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