Have a Lovely Green Weekend

Tonight, we are headed to Boulder for a little shopping, strolling and a late dinner. I love to visit Boulder because it is such an Eco friendly town with tons of great local shops and restaurants. I am looking forward to a low key evening, just hanging out with my boys. Especially now that it is warming up and the sun is out!

We have zero plans for Saturday or Sunday, which is nice for a change. I think we may ride our bicycles to the library or farmer’s market. We also want to plant the other 2 raised garden beds that we haven’t planted yet. Eben’s bed is doing great, (see the pictures below) everything that he planted is popping up. He loves to take the watering can to water it and checks on it every day after school. I can’t wait until he can start to harvest the goodies.

Eben’s last day of school is May 27th, which is coming up so fast! My goal for early next week is to sit down with my calendar and make decisions as to what fun activities Eben and I want to conquer this summer. I have a huge list of cool things to try and fun places to explore. This will be the first summer in a long time that I am not enrolling Eben in his summer gardening camp. Instead, I have decided to work super early each morning, completing all of my work before he wakes up. I really want to soak up every second of fun with him, he is 9 now, and the days of him wanting to spend all summer with me are limited, no?  And we have several family road trips, getaways and even a 10 day vacation already on our summer schedule, so setting a schedule of fun things to do is a must!

Have you started to make summer plans yet? Do you like a fun packed summer? Or do you like to sit back relax and let things flow? Do you have special activities that you do with your kids? Are you going on vacation this summer? Where to?

How is your garden growing? What did you plant? Do you still need to finish planting like us?

Have a lovely green weekend and I will chat with you Monday.

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