How to Make a Miniature Holiday Forest with Your Children in Minutes

Preschoolers love to do crafts — especially ones with a holiday theme. But oftentimes craft endeavors are too complicated or frustrating, and mom or dad are left to complete the undertaking while kiddos meander off to other activities. That’s why making these miniature holiday trees with your little ones is a great, green craft, because they are super simple to create in a matter of minutes. You’ll have a tiny forest to put on the table in no time, and you’ll teach your children the art of recycling by making these trees entirely out of recycled paper and holiday store catalogs you’ve probably been receiving in the mail over the past month. And they are a great project for older children to do all on their own!

Besides being a craft that children can do almost entirely on their own, this craft is fun because you can make it as elaborate or as simple as you choose. You can add a little glitter or some small bead ornaments to make the trees really magical. Jump over to Inhabitots to learn how you and your little one can construct a simple recycled tabletop holiday forest in a few minutes.

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  1. AngelaLilly December 18, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    so cute and so easy! I would totally do this as a fireplace mantel display in my own house, if I had a mantel! LOL

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