How to Make Recycled Paper Pumpkins Out of Magazine Pages

Eben and I have been busy making last-minute Halloween decorations. We wanted to make a set of pumpkins for our dining room table by using recycled books. However, when we started working on the project, my son pointed out that we have an excess amount of magazines in the recycling bin and that these would be a better option! We went to work cutting, gluing and shaping miniature pumpkins from strips of magazine paper. We were thrilled with the results and we were able to make a dozen of them in no time. At first we used glue and buttons to hold the pumpkins together. Then, we realized that by using brads to secure the pumpkins, we were able to make them much faster. Jump over to Inhabitots  to learn how to make your own pumpkins from magazine pages to add to your holiday table or Halloween party this fall.

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