Mom Starts Ranch to End the Cycle of High Priced Organic


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This is a simple trick I learned while starting our Ranch. In this post I will show you how to tell if the fruit and veggies you purchase from the market are GMO or not. Keep an eye out for this valuable info.

I guess I came up with the idea out of necessity. My husband worked a job as a Bridge Carpenter in California, making close to $40hr. We have 4 children and wanted to feed them what they needed, but sadly was a near impossible task. With the price of organic, and the cost to live in CA; it seemed that we could never get ahead. I told my husband that we needed a change, having him gone all the time just so we can purchase organic foods was not good for the family, especially the children. So we made the decision to leave CA and start a farm in Colorado. We spent the next 6 months touring Colorado, looking for the right spot, then we finally found Olathe, a small farming community nestled in the corner of Montrose County. We made a point to rent there first, not wanting to get into a situation we would regret. This would give us time to prove that we could do what we planned, and “Lower the cost of Organic”at the same time.

After being successful at it, I decided that we needed to take the next step. So I told my husband: “Let’s do it!” he looked at me confused and replied: “What now?” You know how men get, their minds easily get stuck. I explained to him: “No, not that! Lets do more, lets take what we have done here and make it even bigger.” We realized that we could not accomplish this with out some assistance. So after some time discussing what we could do, we decided to start a fundraiser. We wanted to continue what we had found to be possible, but on a larger scale. We talked about it for a long time, and after convincing my husband that we could make a difference in organic. He became fully committed.

When you have 4 children, and 2 with developmental disorders, it’s not easy. I wanted the best for my children, especially the 2 most in need. I feel that if I had started an organic based life with my older children, I would not have had all the problems which I did. But there is no use crying over spilt milk, the best we can do now is work to reverse the damage that was done. We have striven for a better life for our family, but discovered that it was not enough that our kids had access to real food. We wanted more than our own children to have this privilege, so we did some math, looking into the feat that we longed to accomplish. What we found is that we could support 10 sheep on an acre of pasture. This was very important for us to know, because we knew that we could be successful with just 9 sheep. That would leave us with an extra sheep, and as a proper business we have to look at everything from a “gain, loss” perspective. What would be her purpose? Why would we want her on the Ranch? The answer was simple, if we didn’t need her, than someone would, but who. We decided to take 1 sheep out of every 10 sheep that we had and give it to the needy. We call it our 10 to 1 program. It has given our ranch a community rich drive: a loving heart so to speak, which helps us to remember where we once were and help those like ourselves, as we wanted to be helped.

Come by and take a look at what we are doing now, and if you see our operation, and how we care and love every animal on our Ranch; then I know you will want to help us!!! Remember this is not just a single business that you are helping, you are helping to change the course of the future of organic foods, so all can afford good, healthy, humanely treated, real meat. As Americans/Humans we deserve no less; isn’t this what our forefathers (grandfathers, fathers, grandmothers, mothers, and others) came into this country, and some fought and even died for; in order to grant us a future were their posterity only received the best possible. Then tell me why would we settle for anything less. Please give to enliven our dream, and make real food a reality.

Now to what I promised. This is how it works: look at the PLU that is on the fruit and veggies in your local grocery store.

  1. If the PLU number is 4 numbers long than it is not GMO, but it was sprayed with Pesticide.
  2. If there are 5 numbers and the first number is a 9, its Organic.
  3. If there are 5 numbers but the first number is a 8 it is GMO.


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