Montana White Water | Gallatin River Zipline Tour

When we arrived in Bozeman, Montana for our fall family trip, our friends (Shad + Cammie) surprised us with a Gallatin River Zipline Tour!

The tour consists of 3 sky bridges, 2 tree platforms and 3 zips. Zip #1 is the shortest line, which prepares you for what is ahead! Zip #2 sends you flying across the Gallatin River on the longest line which is almost 800 feet! Then, the final zip sends you across the river again for the finale.

This is what the mister had to say about the tour:

“It was very fun and in a beautiful location! The staff was very friendly and helpful – they teach you quickly how to zipline safely, while allowing you to be daring at the same time! I recommend doing all 5 ziplines – because once you start, you don’t want to stop!”

—- P.S. The photo of Shad and Cammie’s son River really sums up how much fun ziplining is! Agree?

+ Montana White Water
603 Scott Street West

Gardiner, MT 5903


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