3 Unexpected Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint This Month

It’s no secret that our choices can greatly impact the environment. However, while recycling can definitely reduce your carbon footprint, there are other methods you can use to help the environment and combat climate change. That said, here are a few unexpected ways you can help the environment.

1. Use Eco-Friendly Servers for Your Internet

You may not give much thought to your internet needs. After all, we’ve all heard that a digital lifestyle is a lot better for the environment than one based on manual operations such as printing out materials. If you’re already cutting back on the waste you produce by making printouts of things and opting to send them online; you can take things a step further. This is by making sure that the servers you use for your internet needs are eco-friendly.

A simple search online should point you toward some eco-friendly servers that have based their operations on sustainability. Keep in mind that the global web hosting services market is forecasted to grow from $102 billion to $321.5 billion by 2025. You should use a server with 480Gbps and advanced DDoS protection for the best experience. You can search for these qualities in the server that promotes green living in order to enjoy good internet without leaving a large carbon footprint.

2. Reduce Pollution by Fixing Your Car

Another way to reduce the carbon footprint you’re leaving on the environment is to fix your car. When your car is running in good condition, it will not only be a lot more efficient, but it will also produce fewer emissions. This is why making sure that your car is in good shape is important for the environment. It’s a good way to hit a number of goals all at once, as you can be sure that you’ll enjoy having a car in great running condition, and so will the environment.

To this end, keep in mind basic car maintenance steps, such as changing your oil every 3,000 miles or as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. You should also have your car serviced at regular intervals so that it’s easy for you to spot any potential issues long before they get out of hand.

3. Shop for Local Produce

Last but not least, you should consider shopping for local produce. Doing this will make you travel a shorter distance to get the produce you need. In this way, you can help ease the demand for produce that needs to get shipped from a long distance away. You’ll increase the demand for local produce and support local producers while enjoying a shorter commute to get your produce.

This will see you use your car less often or on shorter trips, which you can even get done by walking or using a bicycle, both great alternatives for green living. When doing this, you’ll inadvertently lower your carbon emissions and support local farmers who will be motivated to keep producing healthy produce for you and like-minded individuals. Local produce leaves a smaller carbon footprint in its production, so this is going to be an additional benefit for the environment. You’ll eat fresh and healthy produce that will keep you healthy and decrease your dependence on commercially-produced greens that may not be as healthy for you.

In these three unexpected ways, you can reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll make a welcome difference to the environment as well as to your life. You’ll also set a great example to the people around you. With such habits of green living, it may be possible to improve the state of the environment.

How to Make Simple Upcycled Halloween Lanterns


One of my favorite areas to decorate for Halloween is our front porch. It’s the perfect spot to share your Halloween decorations with visitors and neighbors! These painted glass lanterns are one of my favorite projects to pull out of storage every year. They are just so delightful!

What you will need:

What to do:

1. Spray the glass containers inside and outside.
2. Once dry, paint on the design or face that you would like.
3. Place a rechargeable or solar powered tea light inside.
4. Watch the delight on the faces of your neighbors as they walk by.


What do you think of my Halloween lanterns?

5 Tips For Improving Mental Wellness Through Diet

Mental wellness is something that matters a lot, and more and more people are now focusing their attention on it. So if you want to aid their mental wellness and start doing more to improve your mental health, your diet will need to play a part in that. As strange as it might sound, there are lots of ways in which your diet can impact your mental well-being, and that’s what we’re going to explore today, so read on.

#1: Share Food Around the Table with Friends and Family

First of all, you should think about the way in which you generally consume food. When you sit down and eat alone, you don’t have the interactions or the social aspects of dining with family or friends. So that’s why you should try to eat together with others as often as you can, especially if you live in a household with other people. Make it a shared experience.

#2: Try to Keep Your Blood Sugar Balanced

When you eat a lot of foods that are high in sugar, you’ll experience a sharp rise in your blood sugar levels when you first eat those foods. The problem with that is that your blood sugar level will rise and then crash, which can impact your mood and mental health. So eating a more balanced diet with fewer high-sugar foods is definitely a good idea.

#3: Get More Organic Broccoli Into Your Diet

If you don’t currently have much broccoli in your diet, that’s something you should certainly think about changing. Broccoli offers a lot of nutrients you want as part of your diet, and on top of that, it has lots of helpful anti-inflammatory properties as well. Simply adding some broccoli to the dishes you eat already will help your body and your mind function better.

#4: Try Using Organic CBD Gummies

It might be a good idea to try using some CBD gummies if you feel like stress is a part of your life and it stubbornly lingers over you. There are lots of good options out there, such as Delta 8 Gummies, that can offer the stress-relieving properties that you’re looking for. Integrate them into your routines and diet to feel the benefits. And start slowly if you’ve not used them before.

#5: Eat Plenty of Salmon for Omega-3

Omega-3 is very important for the health of your brain, and as such, is important for your mental health as well. So if you want to get more omega-3 into your diet, you just need to eat more foods such as fish and salmon in particular into your diet. They contain omega-3 fatty acids that your brain and body need.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can aid your mental health through your diet. The ideas above will help you to do that. Just a few simple changes in the right areas can make a real difference to your life and your mental health outcomes going forward.

More Sustainable Ways To Upgrade Your Home

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home for a while, or maybe you’ve just realized that the interiors of your property are looking a little worse for wear. Either way, if you’re going to upgrade and improve your home, making it a nicer space for you and your family to spend time in, it’s important to think about the environmental impact that comes with this kind of home makeover and how you can take steps to minimize any such impact. 

Wondering how you can go about doing that? Well, believe it or not, it’s far easier than you might think. It’s simply a case of knowing what steps to take and how to use these steps to keep the impact on the environment as minimal as possible. 

For everything that you need to know about upgrading your home in a more sustainable way, read the guide below. 

Don’t throw furniture away, store it instead 

As you’re planning your home makeover, don’t throw away old furniture, choose to store it instead. The fact is that older furniture can easily be revamped and revived with a few small steps, so throwing away older pieces of furniture is wasteful. 

You can either choose to upcycle them as part of your current refurb or you can opt to store them using affordable self storage until you need them again in the future. A lot of people choose to rotate their furniture, storing some furniture for a couple of years before switching a few pieces with their current collection. 

Little steps like this help to keep your home looking and feeling fresh in an earth-conscious way. 

Buy pre-loved 

If you need to buy new furniture items, wherever possible option to buy pre-loved items instead of brand-new ones. Not only does buying pre-loved items help the environment, it also protects your bank balance too. 

There are some great places to buy second-hand items from, such as secondhand selling sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace, as well as visiting local second-hand stores and recycling center stores. 

You’ll be amazed at just how easy the process of restoring a secondhand piece of furniture can be. 

Use eco-friendly materials 

When it comes to upgrading and overhauling your home, it’s vital that you use earth-conscious materials to do so. If you fail to use materials that are earth conscious, this means that your home revamp will have a negative impact on the environment. 

So, it’s important that you take the time to think carefully about the materials that you’re buying and any environmental impact that they may have. For instance, when choosing paint opt for eco-friendly, non-toxic paint, or when choosing a glue look for something that’s eco-conscious. 

There you have it, a guide to a few more sustainable ways that you can upgrade your home. 

5 Spooky Fruit and Vegetable Halloween Treats for Healthy Kids

Halloween is my favorite holiday – mostly because it is an anything goes, don’t hold back, get as creative as you want, holiday! I have been adding a little spookiness into Eben’s snacks by getting creative with fruits and vegetables. He seems to enjoy these “sweet” treats just as much as a sugary alternative – maybe even more. Read on for 5 spooky fruit and vegetable Halloween treats that I have used as inspiration for celebrating the holiday with my healthy kid.

#1: Jack o’Lantern Fruit Plate
This may be one of the easiest treats in the bunch – simply peel, cut, and arrange a selection of organic strawberries, clementines, blueberries, and grapes and you have a Halloween treat that is sure to please everyone!

+ Jack O’Lantern Fruit Plate
+ via Wholesome Dinner Tonight

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is HalloweenVeggieSkeleton-742x1024.jpg

#2: Veggie Skeleton
Looking for a fun way to get your child to eat more vegetables this autumn? Look no further than this adorable veggie skeleton. This, along with the Jack O’Lantern Fruit Plate would be perfect for your child’s class Halloween Party or your family’s spooky get-together!

+ Veggie Skeleton
+ via Feeding Four Little Monkeys

#3: Pumpkin Oranges + Banana Ghosts
Yum! These goodies are definitely calling my name – I bet the bananas would be even better if they were slightly frozen! These would be great for a kids party – just grab and go.

+ Pumpkin Oranges + Banana Ghosts
+ via Kid Party Food Ideas

#4: Apple Teeth Treats
While these little yummies might take a little more time to prepare – I bet they are worth all of the compliments you would get at your Halloween party.

+ Apple Teeth Treats
+ via All Recipes

#5: Halloween Sweet Potato Fries
I want to whip up a batch of these yummy sweet potato fries to go with Halloween dinner. Not only does my family love them – but the spook factor will win them over for sure.

+ Halloween Sweet Potato Fries
+ Babble