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Give the Sustainable Gift of Cork this Holiday Season with Pelcor Handbags


I love Pelcor and their amazing chic handbags and accessories made from sustainable cork! I have their Sunshine Tote in turquoise which I love to use in the summertime and their Color Tote that I am using right now! Both are remarkably beautiful and have exquisite craftsmanship.


Pelcor’s products are touted as an environmentally friendly approach to fashion. This is because cork oak trees can only be harvested after nine years for their material, and by ‘harvesting’, we don’t mean that they are chopped down – only the usable material is taken from the trees, which they will then regenerate over the course of the next nine years. The processing method employed by Pelcor is remarkable sustainable too – the cork is dried under the sun and boiled in water to make it more workable.


In addition to its meticulous design and eco-friendly nature, the Pelcor Tote line is imminently functional with metal closures and an internal removable pouch. Since each cork skin differs in appearance, each of Pelcor’s pieces is unique.

If you are looking for a great sustainable fit for the gal in your life – give Pelcor a look. They have everything from beautiful bags to accessories that would make amazing stocking stuffers too!


Full Disclosure: I received a color tote to review – however, I would have shared Pelcor with you anyway (and I have before!), because I absolutely adore the company and their products!