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Ecocentric Mom Box is Perfect for Soon to Be Mom’s Too!


My Ecocentric Mom Box showed up right on Christmas Eve, so I felt like I was getting a special early Christmas gift! It was full of eco-friendly goodies and treats I didn’t feel bad about eating. If you’re an expecting mom, a new mom, or long-time mom, there is a box for you!

  1. Lovely Candy Company Caramels (on sale right now!)
    These, plus the next item on the list, were my favorite! Because it’s treat-season I’ve been indulging a little too much in sweets and treats that aren’t exactly guilt-free. Lucky for me, Lovely treats are! They are all natural, soft, chewy caramels made with real butter and sweetened condensed milk. Bonus: they are gluten free, non-GMO, kosher, and you can pick them up at Target!
  1. Organic Flavrz Water Enhancer (get 15% off with code: ecocentric)
    Flavrz bills these as the “world’s best organic alternative to artificially flavored, colored, and sweetened beverages,” and they aren’t lying! These drink mixes are made with organic fruit juice, organic flavorings, and a hint of sweetness. I gulped mine down in seconds flat.
  1. Little Pim CD
    This CD is just too cute. When I opened my box to reveal a CD sleeve featuring an image of a panda bear playing harmonica while two friendly birds rest on his shoulders, my daughter immediately knew it was for her! Little Pim is an award-winning language program designed for children aged 0-6, and its unique Entertainment Immersion Method makes it fun and easy to learn. Our CD, Spanish Bop, features 15 favorite children’s songs in Spanish.
  1. Bum Boosa Bamboo Wipes
    My daughter has always had very sensitive skin, requiring us to buy diapers and wipes with zero added ingredients, like chlorine and synthetic fragrances, so I was delighted to try a new bum-friendly wipe. Bum Boosa replaces synthetic or tree-pulp wet wipes with renewable and sustainable bamboo, and uses ingredients like Calendula, Chamomile, and organic Aloe Vera so that they’re gentle on even the most sensitive bottoms.
  1. Novena Skin Care Sample Pack
    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I got a LOT of samples from my OB office, baby classes, and friends who didn’t use the million samples they got during pregnancy. As nice as it is to have options, most of the products I was given to sample contained ingredients I wouldn’t use when I’m not pregnant—let alone with I am. Novena’s organic pregnancy skin care line is a great choice. My sample pack included fruit facial cleanser, bearberry brightener moisturizing cream, bearberry brightener moisturizing lotion, belly/bum cream, and beautifying breast cream.
  1. Gaia Herbs PlantForce Liquid Iron (25% off with code: Ecocentricmom14)
    Did you know that your blood volume doubles during pregnancy? As a result, many pregnant mamas end up with an iron deficiency. Gaia’s liquid iron supplement replaces lost iron and is tasty, too—just make sure that, as with any supplement during pregnancy—you OK it with your OB first!
  1. eInvite Holiday Cards (20% off with code HOLIDAYCODE20)
    These are too cute and super easy to use. The cards come as pre-printed backgrounds that you can easily stick a cute photo onto and pop into the mail for a unique, sweet greeting. eInvite.com has a wide selection of baby products, too, like shower invitations and birth announcements—and they’re made in the USA.
  1. Urban Oreganics Full Size Makeup Remover (20% off orders over $20 with code: ECOMOM20)
    Urban Oreganics handcrafts the highest quality skin food from natural ingredients. This all-over makeup remover binds to cosmetics and gently lifts them off, and is safe for eyelashes and skin. With ingredients like coconut oil and witch hazel, it’s an eco-friendly no brainer.