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Mumzy Helps Entrepreneurial Moms Launch their Big Ideas!

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Becoming a mom has a way of helping you focus on what’s important, what’s necessary, and what’s brings the most happiness. Motherhood can bring out the worst in us—when we are sleep deprived and clutching at the last vestiges of our former identity as we slip into a whole new life—but mostly it brings out the best in us. As a mom, you don’t have time to waste, and what’s really important in life becomes clear: health, happiness, family, and supporting all three financially and communally. This new-found focus pairs well with a mother’s innate intuition and real-world skills, and the result is that a lot of moms come up with great business ideas! Whether it’s an idea for a baby product, a community organization serving families, charitable cause, or all-around innovative new idea, as a mom your experience, wisdom, and huge heart give you insider information about what’s really helpful to others—especially other moms.

Our guess is that if you’ve read this far then the above description sounds a lot like you. I can almost hear the voice in your head saying, “Yes! Exactly! My idea would make millions! If only I had the time/money/support/my old 9-5 back/networking skills/a new haircut and clothes free of baby puke stains.” Working independently is a dream career for many moms who don’t want to return to their 9-5 job, or who have already had to return but crave a better work-life balance—making more money in less hours worked doing something enjoyable and energizing.mom baby img

Moms are some of the greatest innovators and entrepreneurs out there and are the perfect people to start small businesses, but many moms lack the necessary resources to turn our business visions into a reality. Generating a business plan, prototype, or any other logistical piece of an emerging business idea is tough enough without having to worry about soliciting the idea to investors and banks, especially when many moms don’t have any “credible” backing for their idea aside from their insight as a parent (something we think is priceless!).

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place! At Mumzy.com, they believe in you! Mumzy was created for moms like you, and is a place where Moms bring ideas in search of funding, help, and support in turning those ideas into a reality. Whether you dream of patenting a new invention, starting a small business or nonprofit, or any other idea that has momentum but lacks capital backing to take it to the next level, Mumzy is there to provide solutions to get you to the next level. Can you image the possibilities for your big, eco-friendly business idea?

As a crowd-funded site, Mumzy gives you a platform to pitch your business to other moms and small business supporters, including how much you need to get running. You are in the company of moms like yourself who understand the visionary power and sheer strength unique to hard-working moms like yourself and who want to support fellow mom-preneurs. Mumzy is also a place where you can peruse the baby businesses of other moms and offer funding and support to the ones you really believe in.

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Like your business idea, Mumzy is a new company in its infancy. MUMZY is the first and right now only viable crowdfunding platform for moms. Their goal is to support and serve the entrepreneurial mom community to the best of their ability! They welcome your wisdom and feedback, and if you would like to provide input or ask questions, please contact them at info@mumzy.com. Take a few minutes to explore their site and see what other moms like you are working on, and how they’ve been supported so far. The first 100 people who post a project for funding on Mumzy will have a chance to win $1000 back towards their project’s funding goal.

Happy launching!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.