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REVIEW: Beautiful Eco-Friendly Shoes for Your Green Journey

Nisolo Shoes

by Jennie

I’d like to think we each strive on a daily basis to do our best in the world. On most days I’m sure most of us do our best to make it to work on time and get the kids to school with all their homework. Oftentimes shopping is a luxury we don’t have time for with our busy lives. Not to mention shoe shopping can become a guilty pleasure for some who may have significant others who think they have too many! However, once you check out Nisolo there’s no turning back!

Living in Florida, my go-to shoes are sandals, really they are all that I wear – unless I am heading out to go paddleboarding or biking. Nisolo sent me a pair of their Delicias Sandal in Scarlet (which is more of a firey orange, and I immediately feel in love.) Not only are they super comfortable, but they look amazing with both skinny jeans and fun dresses and shorts – perfect for these last few weeks of summer and early fall!

Nisolo Shoes 2

However, all of dreamy shoes featured at Nisolo are backed by their mission statement which reads, “As consumers, we are not alone in the world. We recognize that our small choices have a big impact somewhere else. As producers, we are not alone. We have access to the global market and fair compensation for our work. We are a team of makers, doers, and storytellers working together to facilitate a healthy connection between consumers and producers in the global marketplace.” Their game changing impact is about rethinking the way fashion is done. Nisolo facilitates international market access, pays above fair trade wages, offers skills training, and provides safe working conditions. Their stated result? Consistent employment, an average income increase of 300% per producer, improved living conditions, inaugural access to education and savings, and above all, dignity and empowerment.

Mustard Flats

Aside from the overall good feelings your purchase itself has to offer wait until you check out the shoes! The Scarlet Delicias Sandal come highly recommend (you will adore them!) but I think I’ve also decided to pick up a pair of the Espresso Bolivar Wedge and the Mendez Flats in Mustard!

The point is you should do yourself a favor and take a few minutes today to do a little shoe shopping and empower the world!


Full Disclosure: I received a pair of Scarlet Delicias Sandals to review – however, I would have shared them with you anyway, because they are fabulous!