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5 Red Flags When Shopping Online for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

When shopping online for eco-friendly products for your kitchen, you may come across some products that are not really what they claim to be. Whether you’re looking for dishwashing liquid, small appliances, or kitchen utensils, finding the right products is important to your health and safety. Many products for the kitchen advertised as sustainable may not be. In this article, we will discuss warning signs to look for when shopping online for sustainable products. We will discuss sites that have products too good to be true, sites with no reviews or refunds, products sold with credit card purchases only, products advertised as green that are not, and how to tell the difference. Follow these tips and you will be able to buy sustainable eco-friendly products for your home with confidence.

Products That Appear Too Good To Be True

When shopping you may come across eco-friendly products that seem too good to be true. They promise more than what they deliver. For example, a dishwashing gel that advertises it is sustainable and safe. When you check the ingredients, you find it has sodium borate in it and other chemicals. The advertising is false because this dishwashing gel is still toxic and not eco-friendly as advertised. Always check the ingredients in a product to use in the kitchen or the materials that cookware and utensils are made of before buying. Nonstick coatings on cookware are known to be toxic, and when advertised as eco-friendly, signal false advertising.

Checking the materials small appliances, cookware, and utensils are made from will help you make better decisions. With a 40% increase in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, it’s essential to know how to shop for eco-friendly products that improve the safety of your home before undergoing your own kitchen remodel. Always research products before buying them for your home.

Website Offers No Refunds Or Product Reviews

The website sells eco-friendly products but offers no refunds or exchanges for their products. This is often a sign that they do not make good products. A credible website will offer refunds for a damaged or defective product or send a replacement. An Internet crime is committed by a site that offers false information about products or services to consumers, and when a product has no customer reviews, that can be a sign that the product could be a scam. Look for products with guarantees or refunds on products you buy.

Website Only Offer Credit Card Payment Option

A site that asks about credit card information before you look at their products or actually purchase them is a big red flag. A good website will offer you more than one way to pay for products. Once you pay by credit card, you cannot really go back and change the transaction. Websites that accept checks or payment on delivery show they are reputable and have different ways for consumers to purchase their products. Sites that accept a variety of payment options show they stand behind their products.

Suspicious Product Advertised

You visit a site and find that they have a product you have never heard of with a rather general description. It has quality photos but the description does not match the photos. You cannot find any information about the product or reviews. This may be a warning not to bother buying it and to just keep looking elsewhere. A website that has no address or phone can mean the site is shady.

Kitchenware That Is Not Eco-Friendly

Plastic products for storage and eating often have chemicals that are harmful to the human body. Polystyrene is used to make plastic cups, plates, rubber, food containers, and packaging has been linked to cancer. Some disposable water bottles have been found to be made with harmful chemicals. Plastics become more lethal when heated, and used with acidic food. Avoid small appliances made of plastic or substances like Tritan that studies link with health problems. Due to the fact that more people are eating at home, it’s important to use safe eco-friendly products in the kitchen.

There are some things we cannot change in our fight to make the environment better. Using oil in our cars and appliances is unavoidable, with oil so ingrained within our culture since the first oil pipeline was constructed in 1862. However, by investing in eco-friendly products for our homes and kitchens, we can do our part in helping to make the planet greener. Just be sure you are watching out for potential scams when beginning to shop for eco-friendly products!

Save Money this Summer on Terrific Summer Eco-Goods at Vitacost


Summer is in full swing! With our summer schedule jam packed, we have been ordered a lot of our favorite supplies online. It’s just too easy to order whatever we need online and then spend the day at the beach. A couple of days later, everything we need has been conveniently delivered to our front door.

Lately I have been checking out Vitacost, they are a terrific online source for all sorts of eco-friendly and healthy products at discounted rates. Prices are up to 50% less than they would be at other retail shops. They have eco-friendly cleaning products, cosmetics, vitamins, supplements, health foods, and a lot more. Here are some of the summer products that I think are too good to miss:

Summer sun protection is a high priority for my family and me. I’m really impressed by the savings of up to 39% that Vitacost is offering on a wide range of sun products. They have all sorts of the natural product lines that I look for, like Badger, Kiss My Face, Alba, and a whole lot more.

Badger-SPF-30-Plus-Sunscreen-All-Season-Face-Stick-Unscented-634084472004I really like this All Season Face Stick from Badger. It’s certified natural, contains organic ingredients with non-nano zinc oxide and is biodegradable. Just look at the rave online reviews – I’m not the only one who loves this product!

Vitacost has just about any natural home cleaning product you could possibly think of. The selection is enormous, and the prices are all excellent. From laundry detergent, to dish soap, to all-purpose cleaners, the selection is endless and the prices are unbelievable.

Seventh-Generation-Natural-Dish-Liquid-Lemongrass-and-Clementine-Zest-732913227327Take this dish soap. I can’t believe the current sale price of $2.89 on this Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid. As most environmentally conscious people have learned, natural products are often more expensive than mainstream products but this website really proves that to be a fallacy.

Sunwarrior-Classic-Protein-Raw-Vegan-Superfood-Vanilla-718122514793I was browsing around the site and I realized that I had never taken the time to check out some of my go-to smoothie ingredients. It just hadn’t occurred to me to check. As a devoted green smoothie drinker, and I particularly enjoy a smoothie in the morning over the summer.

OMGoodness! My favorite raw powder, the Classic Vanilla Protein from Sun Warrior, more than $15 less than what I’ve seen it go for at some health food stores. The prices are really unbeatable.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this website. I’ve found several products that I use regularly that will amount to hundreds of dollars worth of savings a year, while still being healthy and environmentally conscious. Not to mention that having these items delivered will save me both time and the cost of gas to drive around to several different stores where I used to go to get some of these hard-to-find products. You can find Vitacost coupons here.

Do you shop online for your eco-friendly and organic goods? What is your favorite website? If you discover any deals that you’re really excited about, let me know what you find!

This post was created in partnership with Groupon. All opinions are my own.