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Healthy Habits for Green Kids Start at Home


As parents, the most important lessons we can impress upon our kids are the sorts of healthy habits that will stick with them throughout life, especially once they’re off on their own for the first time. Healthy lifelong habits can include eating well and exercising, but also extend to things like keeping their living space clean and following good hygiene practices. Today I want to talk about the latter, as no parent wants to see their kid end up as a stereotypically smelly, unkempt teenager!

Of course, kids have to be given freedom to explore their identities and express themselves creatively with their clothing and hair choices. I think it’s only natural for kids developing their sense of self to explore those avenues. But good hygiene is simpler than that, and important for everyone. Teaching kids to maintain healthy habits and take good care of their bodies starts at home, and is something the mister and I have tried to approach in a positive way.


Personal hygiene is also an area fraught with marketing campaigns (some of which rely on shaming tactics or other nasty approaches to selling their products) surrounding the products we supposedly need to use in order to keep clean. Many of these are full of synthetic scents, untested ingredients, or are otherwise not very eco-friendly, being tested on animals or produced in unsustainable ways. So even our choices of hygiene products can be a big influence on our kids, and what they choose to use in the future. One of my favorite brands of natural personal hygiene products is Tom’s of Maine, who never use artificial colors, flavors, fragrances, preservatives, or animal testing.

You’ve probably seen Tom’s at your local drug store or grocery, and they’ve been around since the ‘70s. I would bet that they’re the most recognizable brand of natural body products around today, not just relegated to health stores or other specialty retailers. I think Tom’s of Maine is great because they aim to operate sustainably and care for both the environment and the communities we live in.

I would say that three of the most important hygiene habits to build with your kids are the following:


Brushing Teeth: Keeping teeth and gums in good shape is important to overall health and maintaining good breath. It can also be a task which kids (especially young ones) are more likely to shirk or do a half-hearted job of. Being a good role model by brushing and flossing with your children can go a long way to building good dental hygiene habits. Tom’s makes a wide range of oral care products including all-natural toothpaste that my family loves using.

Washing Up: Whether we’re talking regular hand washing to prevent the spread of germs, washing your face each day to help with teenage skin concerns, or getting active kids into the shower to rinse off sweat and dirt after they’ve been out playing, washing up is a huge part of personal hygiene.

Using Deodorant: This one can be a little more controversial, as depending on how you were raised, you might not think of deodorizing products as a necessity. However, in modern society they’re a pretty prevalent part of personal hygiene, and even if you choose not to use antiperspirants due to health concerns, a simple, natural deodorant is a good choice. Tom’s is probably best known for their extensive line of natural deodorants, for men, women, and children. If you’re looking for a healthy, natural deodorant, I don’t think these ones can be beat. My whole family uses them, and we’ve been really impressed by the quality and effectiveness.

I’d love to hear your tricks for helping your kids develop healthy hygiene habits, or your experiences trying natural body products. Have you successfully swapped your conventional hygiene products for eco-friendlier options? How do you teach your kids about the importance of taking good care of their bodies? Have you tried any Tom’s of Maine products that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments!


This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield.  All opinions are always my own.

REVIEW: Fire & Flavor Gluten Free, Certified Non-GMO Rubs

rub 3

In Florida, it’s always warm enough to grill! We recently received a set of Fire & Flavor’s gluten free, certified Non-GMO rubs and seasonings to review. Fire & Flavor, based in Athens, GA, helped to popularize cedar plank grilling, which as become a favored technique for grilling fish. A WBE certified woman owned business, Fire & Flavor was founded by Gena Knox. Knox’s Southern background and love of family and friends fueled her passion for cooking. Today, the company shares all kinds of ways to make food more delicious, nutritious, and easier to cook.

rub 2

Those of you who are experienced grillers know that a good seasoning or rub will compliment the natural flavor of a food without overpowering it—which is exactly what Fire & Flavor’s rubs do! Fire & Flavor uses all natural ingredients to make flavor-filled rubs that make any cook feel like a gourmet chef, including the Classic Rub, Everyday Rub, Turkey Rub, and Coffee Rub—yum! While grillers will embrace the dynamic uses of these seasonings, anyone can use them. Fire & Flavor’s website offers ideas for how to use the rubs and the Everyday Rub, for example, tastes great on seafood, chicken, and even sweet potatoes. As an added eco-bonus, rubs come in a recyclable shaker-top jar and the company uses BPA-free packaging. The company also sells brines, cedar planks, and cookbooks.


We reviewed the seasons & rubs including the coffee, classic, everyday rub, and the turkey rub. The Coffee Rub, which combines fresh-roasted coffee with a hint of ancho chile pepper and brown sugar. We tried it on grass-fed steak. The Classic Rub is great for tenderizing lean pork chops, as well as chicken, without overpowering natural flavors – we used it on organic chicken.  The Everyday Rub is made from a mild blend of assorted chilies, paprika, brown sugar, onion, and garlic. We used this rub on fresh fish!

Whether you’re an avid griller or beginning cook, Fire & Flavor’s rubs add gourmet home-cooking flavor to any meal.


Full Disclosure: I received samples of this product and was compensated for this sponsored post – however, all opinions are my own.

4 Organic and Natural Stocking Stuffer Treats


The big day is almost here, are your children’s so excited that they can’t stop talking about Christmas? I love every-single-thing-about-it! From decorating our home and selecting the perfect gifts to sipping hot cocoa with peppermint sticks and listening to holiday music. This time of year is perfection! One of my favorite part’s of the holiday is picking out stocking stuffers for Eben. When I was little, the stocking was always my favorite part – I remember taking my sweet time opening each and every tiny gift that my mom found to pack inside it. If I had only received a holiday stocking full of goodies each year, it would have been enough! This year, I plan to stuff Eben’s stocking with art supplies, a new smile squared toothbrush, magic tricks, card games and of course organic and natural sweet treats! Here are a few of my favorite sweets that he will find in the stocking this year!

1. I first discovered Hammond’s Candies when we lived in Colorado (they are located in Denver and do factory tours!) and they have been a stocking stuffer staples ever since. These handmade, natural, shiny candy canes come in super fun flavors – this year, Eben will find a blood orange one in his stocking!

stocking stuffer 1

2. Eben is a little crazy for truffles, so Alter Eco’s new decadent Salted Caramel organic chocolate truffles made with nutrient-rich coconut oil, and speckled with French sea salt will delight him! These organic, Fair Trade, gluten-free goodies are perfect.


3. The adorably packaged ginnybakes Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bliss ginnyminis are one of my personal favorites. They are small cookies that contain rolled oats with organic dark chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and hints of cinnamon and vanilla. They are a little crunchy, making them perfect to enjoy with tea! They are organic, gluten free too!


4. Eben loves all gummy candies, they are probably his favorite sweet! Yummy Earth has a great assortment of organic, gluten-free treats that all kids will love and they make an amazing stocking stuffer.

What sweet treats are you stuffing in the stocking this year?

Scotties Trees Rock Video Contest Inspires Green Kids


The 4th annual Scotties TREES ROCK! Video contest is back! Kids in grades 3rd-8th may now create an essay about the importance of trees and win $10,000 for their school! The more creative the essay the better! Think your kids would like to enter? Just have them answer the question “Why do trees rock?” in a written essay. Trees Rock encourages individuals or groups of kids in grades 3-8 to think about the importance of trees. In each group, the grand prize winner (determined by a national vote) will win $10,000 for their school to use towards a sustainable project. So fun!

Full Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by Scotties Trees Rock

Laptop Lunches Bento Box Lunchbox Giveaway


I have another fantastic giveaway for you today! A giveaway that is perfect for the kiddos in your life. The prize is away 2 Laptop Lunches Bento-ware lunchboxes – which means there will be two winners!

Laptop Lunches Bento-ware lunchboxes are mix and match with three lidded water-tight containers and two unlidded containers. These are fun lunchboxes that are BPA free and perfect for those school lunches! Eben used his Laptop Lunches Bento-ware boxes all through elementary school. We were a big fan of them because they were very easy for him to pack and open himself.

Laptop Lunches offers a lot of fun menu ideas and recipes on their website too – which just making packing lunch even more fun!

To enter leave a comment telling me who you will give your laptop lunches bento-ware lunchbox! The winner will be announced on December 10th!