Welcome New Sponsor | SIRCUIT SKIN Cosmeceuticals

Please join me in welcoming Sweet Greens’ newest sponsor: SIRCUIT SKIN Cosmeceuticals. SIRCUIT SKIN Cosmeceuticals is green skin care company based in Los Angeles, California. SIRCUIT SKIN offers 100% fresh, pure skin care treatment solutions containing only the highest quality ingredients.

You will never find artificial colors, preservatives, fragrances, parabens or sulfates in SIRCUIT SKIN and all of their products are cruelty free. SIRCUIT SKIN believes in natural skin care that really works, providing extensive ingredient information (so you know exactly what you get!) and truthful marketing. With products designed for creating a healthier and more beautiful body, SIRCUIT SKIN offers something for everyone. Think of SIRCUIT SKIN as your daily at home facial!

Check out the complete collection at SIRCUIT SKIN Cosmeceuticals and pamper yourself today! And stay tuned for a very special Sweet Greens review and giveaway of SIRCUIT SKIN Cosmecueticals!

A huge thank you to SIRCUIT SKIN Cosmeceuticals for sponsoring Sweet Greens. Would you like to share your eco-friendly goodies with a great green community? You can advertise on Sweet Greens too, click here to get started. I would love to have you!

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