What Should You Be Careful About When Property Hunting?

Are you currently in the process of looking for your dream property? While it can be easy to get carried away by the beauty of the garden and the size of the bedrooms, it is also important to ensure that you aren’t going to have a nightmare on your hands when you move into your new home. Unfortunately, rather than dealing with any issues with their property, some sellers will simply try to cover them up during the sales process. One such issue can be a pest infestation. Below, we reveal signs of pest infestations to look out for when you are house hunting.

Grease tracks and marks – Mice and rats often travel the same paths each and every day, and so they will leave tracks and evidence when they do so. Rats will run along walls, and this can result in grease marks. Other signs of infestation include urine trails and fecal droppings. 

Signs to look for outdoors – You don’t only need to have possible pest infestations at the front of your mind when you are evaluating the interior of the home, but also the outside area. There are several key signs you should look out for, including ant hills, damaged plants, mole holes, damaged patches, and nearby breeding grounds.

When it comes to moles, it is wise to pay attention to the garden and soil around the property. A mole infestation means these burrowing pests have made holes underground. That can pose serious foundation problems for the building. The tunnels these pests dig accumulate water when it rains or snow thaws on the ground. This leads to water damage and its subsequent effects on the property. If you suspect an infestation, you can set up mole traps to deal with these pests. Your best option, however, is to hire an exterminator.

A pet that is constantly scratching – If the current owners have pets, you should monitor their behavior. If their pet is biting their fur, licking, or scratching excessively, this could be a sign that they have a flea infestation. There are plenty of products that can get rid of this, such as flea bombs, but it shouldn’t be your responsibility, so make sure you explore the issue further and get it resolved before signing on the dotted line.

Gnaw marks and holes – Keep an eye out for any small holes in the floors and walls of the property you are viewing. Holes in or around a house are giveaway signs of a possible infestation. Rats, in particular, love to gnaw on things. If you see a chewed-up wire, this is a sign that there could be a problem.

Odd sounds and smells – Some pests give off smells that are easy to recognize. For example, experts state that roaches will give off an oily smell, which can be compared to ‘fecal soy sauce.’ Rats smell like ammonia, whereas mice will give off a musty, urine smell. And, what about bedbugs? They are said to give off a musty, sweet odor. Of course, if you can smell garbage, this is also a bad sign, as it is much more likely to attract pests. From tick control to rat control, no matter what the smell indicates, you need to call the professionals!

Dead bugs indoors – Last but not least, keep a lookout for dead bugs inside of the property, for example, in the basement or on window ledges. If there are a lot of bugs of the same species, it is probable that they live on the property.

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