You Might be a Minimalist

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Minimalism is becoming hugely popular, especially with today’s youth. But just what makes a minimalist a minimalist? There are a lot of things incorporated into minimalism and even if you don’t fit into all categories you might find that you’re a minimalist when it comes to money, your home or your environmental footprint. Whether you’re minimizing your impact in only one area of your life or multiple areas, you might be a minimalist if:

#1: You Hate to Spend Money
Whether you’re saving for that one special item over a long period of time or you simply hate buying more and more stuff, if you don’t like spending money and you feel a pang of guilt every time you oil that capitalist machine then you might be a minimalist. If you’re saving money by reusing what you already have, like old kitchen containers instead of buying more plastic wrap, sewing patches onto your favorite pair of blue jeans instead of hitting up your local stores, or simply buying used items instead of new whenever possible, then you’re minimizing your impact.

#2: You Live Clutter-Free
If you’ve taken a page out of the Japanese home style play book and you’ve simplified your home by decluttering and removing the heavy build-up of junk we Westerner’s seem to accumulate so quickly and easily then you might be a minimalist. The Japanese interior design aesthetic is heavily influenced by Buddhist/Shinto culture and the natural world. If you have incorporated bamboo mats, shoji screens to mark off different areas and uses for your rooms or have a miniature Zen garden on your tabletop then you might be a minimalist.

#4: You’re a Nomad
If you live at least part of a nomadic lifestyle, if you’re constantly traveling and live at least 3 months a year out of your backpack then you might just be a minimalist. Traveling light, often and for longer periods of time is becoming more and more common today. If you’re happiest when backpacking around the world, wearing the same clothes day after day, getting your entertainment from experiencing new places and cultures and that already-read-a-thousand-times book you keep in your back pocket then you’re probably a minimalist.

#5: You Live Green
If you’re concerned about the environment and want to do everything you can to reduce your environmental footprint by reducing waste, eating from your own garden, buying only what’s necessary and only spending on environmentally-friendly products then you might be a minimalist. Green minimalists often buy in bulk in reusable containers, shop for products that don’t harm the environment and are sold in biodegradable packaging. They shop only for environmentally sustainable products and often shop for second-hand items instead of new when possible. Green minimalists live sustainably to reduce their carbon footprint and waste.

Whether you’re a nomadic minimalist, a green minimalist, your decluttered home gives you peace of mind, you simply hate spending money or you fit into multiple minimalist categories, by living minimally you are reducing your impact and the world thanks you.

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