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5 Tips For Making Your Own Eco-Friendly Garden Oasis

A garden oasis at home is a great idea, especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your yard for a sprawling garden. It will create a peaceful environment that will improve your home while helping keep the environment green. If you’ve been thinking of making one, have a look at the five tips below and see if they inspire you to start one today.

Make Plans With Why You Want a Garden in Mind

When you think about it, there are many reasons you may choose to plant a garden. You may want to plant one so you have access to fresh herbs and vegetables, or simply to add pretty flowers and color to your space. You may also want to create an oasis where the birds and the bees can thrive, intentionally creating potential homes for them. In a survey, 30% of the people said that they started gardening to get fresh vegetables while 25% said that they did it in order to get food that tastes better and is of higher quality. Gardening for fun was the reason for 22% of them while 15% did it to save money. The reasons you start a garden will influence how you do it and what you plant, which is why this is an important step.

Harvest Rainwater

For your home garden to thrive, it will need a good supply of water. For it to be truly green, it will need water that is sustainably sourced. Rather than use piped water to keep your garden going, consider harvesting rainwater and using it for your garden. It will be economical, sustainable, and is a great way to keep the natural cycle. You may invest in setting up a rain bank or simply use runoff barrels to harvest the rainwater and watch your garden thrive.

Invest in Materials That Can Withstand the Outdoors

For furnishing and decorating, make sure to use materials that won’t get destroyed by outdoor conditions as this is where they will permanently be. If you can, source natural materials which are made to stay outdoors as this will be sustainable. Think of seats woven from natural fiber and pots baked from clay, which will also add more character to your garden. Using material that will last long outdoors will help keep the materials from the dreaded landfill while also saving you money you would have used in fixing and replacing items. For instance, tempered glass would be better than normal glass as it’s four to five times harder to fracture.

Get Good Varieties

Before you actually start planting, do research on which varieties are native to your location and favor these over foreign ones. This will improve their chances of thriving and you won’t have to work as hard to get a good garden going. If you do get non-native plant life, make sure that it’s not invasive as this could lead to a hard time trying to get it in control so it does not ruin the chances of native, beneficial varieties thriving.

Look Into Natural Insect and Pest Repellents

A big part of green living is avoiding chemicals, whether they are used to repel insects or fertilize your garden. There are many natural options you can choose from, so read up on these alternatives. Note that food crops have to compete with 3,000 species of nematodes, 10,000 species of insects that feed on plants, and 30,000 species of weeds. Find a sustainable way of keeping these in check to ensure that your garden is fully sustainable.

The decision to go green is a big one, considering the current condition of the environment. When you do what you can to ensure a positive change, you give biodiversity a chance to thrive. Follow the tips above to create a lovely green garden that will put a smile on your face as well as nature’s!

Teaching Your Green Kids to Love Gardening

Gardening with Children

Gardening has many advantages, and is known to benefit your children’s health and well-being. Teaching the kids to love gardening will get them outdoors, allow you to spend some family time together, and make them more rounded characters. Do some research or search online for gardening guides which will give you more information and tips. Here are five ways to help get the kids involved;

Give Them Garden Space of Their Own
A great way to get the kids out in the garden is to allow them to plan a section for themselves. Giving them the freedom to plan, build and enjoy their own space will not only leave them feeling invested in the garden, but will also allow you to spend time together, helping them create their space.

Create a Wildlife Garden
Building a garden to attract wildlife is a brilliant way to excite the kids. Wildflowers are great for attracting plenty of insects, which will encourage other wildlife such as birds and hedgehogs to your garden. Once the children have their first sighting, they’ll be invested in helping you improve the space to attract more animals! If you have enough space you could even build a pond which will almost certainly increase your sightings.

green kids gardening

Teach Them to Grow Their Own Food
Teaching your children how to grow their own produce will leave them with a skill for life. Let them pick the fruit and vegetables that they like, before helping them to build grow boxes and sow the seeds. The responsibility of nurturing their plants before harvest will teach them a valuable skill, and could be a precursor to a family pet!

Create an Indoor Garden During the Winter
Getting the kids interested in gardening during the winter months, will leave them excited and ready to hit the garden in spring. You can start small with a herb garden, before you start germinating your seeds in anticipation of planting.

Teach Them How to Compost
Although perhaps not the most exciting of topics, teaching your children how to make compost will give them a greater understanding of consumption, waste, and their effect on their natural surroundings. Start by educating them on the importance of recycling, before moving on to composting.

Hopefully the above tips will help you to get the children interested in gardening, not only will they reap the benefits; so will you.

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