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5 Red Flags When Shopping Online for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

When shopping online for eco-friendly products for your kitchen, you may come across some products that are not really what they claim to be. Whether you’re looking for dishwashing liquid, small appliances, or kitchen utensils, finding the right products is important to your health and safety. Many products for the kitchen advertised as sustainable may not be. In this article, we will discuss warning signs to look for when shopping online for sustainable products. We will discuss sites that have products too good to be true, sites with no reviews or refunds, products sold with credit card purchases only, products advertised as green that are not, and how to tell the difference. Follow these tips and you will be able to buy sustainable eco-friendly products for your home with confidence.

Products That Appear Too Good To Be True

When shopping you may come across eco-friendly products that seem too good to be true. They promise more than what they deliver. For example, a dishwashing gel that advertises it is sustainable and safe. When you check the ingredients, you find it has sodium borate in it and other chemicals. The advertising is false because this dishwashing gel is still toxic and not eco-friendly as advertised. Always check the ingredients in a product to use in the kitchen or the materials that cookware and utensils are made of before buying. Nonstick coatings on cookware are known to be toxic, and when advertised as eco-friendly, signal false advertising.

Checking the materials small appliances, cookware, and utensils are made from will help you make better decisions. With a 40% increase in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, it’s essential to know how to shop for eco-friendly products that improve the safety of your home before undergoing your own kitchen remodel. Always research products before buying them for your home.

Website Offers No Refunds Or Product Reviews

The website sells eco-friendly products but offers no refunds or exchanges for their products. This is often a sign that they do not make good products. A credible website will offer refunds for a damaged or defective product or send a replacement. An Internet crime is committed by a site that offers false information about products or services to consumers, and when a product has no customer reviews, that can be a sign that the product could be a scam. Look for products with guarantees or refunds on products you buy.

Website Only Offer Credit Card Payment Option

A site that asks about credit card information before you look at their products or actually purchase them is a big red flag. A good website will offer you more than one way to pay for products. Once you pay by credit card, you cannot really go back and change the transaction. Websites that accept checks or payment on delivery show they are reputable and have different ways for consumers to purchase their products. Sites that accept a variety of payment options show they stand behind their products.

Suspicious Product Advertised

You visit a site and find that they have a product you have never heard of with a rather general description. It has quality photos but the description does not match the photos. You cannot find any information about the product or reviews. This may be a warning not to bother buying it and to just keep looking elsewhere. A website that has no address or phone can mean the site is shady.

Kitchenware That Is Not Eco-Friendly

Plastic products for storage and eating often have chemicals that are harmful to the human body. Polystyrene is used to make plastic cups, plates, rubber, food containers, and packaging has been linked to cancer. Some disposable water bottles have been found to be made with harmful chemicals. Plastics become more lethal when heated, and used with acidic food. Avoid small appliances made of plastic or substances like Tritan that studies link with health problems. Due to the fact that more people are eating at home, it’s important to use safe eco-friendly products in the kitchen.

There are some things we cannot change in our fight to make the environment better. Using oil in our cars and appliances is unavoidable, with oil so ingrained within our culture since the first oil pipeline was constructed in 1862. However, by investing in eco-friendly products for our homes and kitchens, we can do our part in helping to make the planet greener. Just be sure you are watching out for potential scams when beginning to shop for eco-friendly products!

5 Budget and Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Shopping Tips

5 Budget and Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Shopping Tips Sweet Greens

While this time of the year is the most wonderful  – it is also the busiest. You may feel like there are so many things that you need to prepare and buy and deciding where to start can be overwhelming. Instead of getting things done ahead of time, many of us tell ourselves we will get everything done when the holidays get closer. Then, the next thing you know the holidays are upon us and we end of spending too much money, getting completely stressed out, and not making the best choices – not exactly the feelings that you want to experience. It happens to the best of us, right?To get your holiday shopping off on the right foot, I thought I would share my favorite budget and eco-friendly holiday shopping tips. These are all tips that I use every year to make sure that this time of the year is definitely the most wonderful without breaking the bank or losing my head!

1. Make a List – Check it Twice
Every year, I create a simple holiday gift list in my iPhone. It includes the name of everyone on my holiday shopping list, gift ideas for each of them and my spending limit per person. Since my list is on my phone, I can consult and update it at anytime. Then, I mark off each person as I finish their holiday gift shopping. This has saved me a lot of time and money and I never have to ask myself – did a buy a gift for so and so? Or, how many gifts did I buy for Eben or the mister? I just check the list and I am done!

2. Start Early
The earlier that you start your holiday shopping, the better. Just think, if you finish all of your holiday shopping early, you can spend the day after Thanksgiving at home, snuggled up with your family and a yummy warm beverage. I can’t think of anything more stress-free then having all of the holiday shopping done before December even arrives. It really frees up all of December to focus on making fun memories with my family. This is another place that #1 comes in, if you shop early picking up items when you find them on sale – you save a ton of money.

3. Shop Locally
Instead of hitting the closest big box store this holiday season, consider supporting small, independently owned businesses. Many towns have a shopping area that is filled with adorable shops that focus on the work of local artisans and many have eco-friendly options. In my opinion, a handmade gift is the best gift! You could also give a gift from your local farm, such as; fresh vegetables, fruits or dairy items. Another option is to check out Etsy for fantastic handmade goods, you can click here to shop Etsy shops located in your local area.

4. It’s All About Quality
Each year, I like to focus on purchasing the mister and Eben quality gifts that they will enjoy for years and years to come. I focus on items that I think they will really enjoy and steer clear of items that are disposable, or would only be enjoyed temporarily. My favorite items to purchase for them include; books, experiences (see below), heirloom quality items that they will keep forever and gifts that focus on their favorite hobbies.

5. Give the Gift of Experience
I am a huge fan of giving the gift of experience, some that I have given in the past include annual passes to local nature and science museums, state parks, botanical gardens, art centers and even scuba lessons. I think gifts that allow the recipient to learn something new or go to place they have always wanted to see builds memories and brings much more happiness long-term than any material gift could ever could. Plus, it’s just another excuse to spend more quality time with my family – and that is the best gift of all.

What are your favorite holiday shopping tips? Please share them in the comments section – I would love to hear!